Chop Blocks

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by Jeffrey C. Lyons | @Jeffreyclyons twitter logo |

I am now using the Cardinals versus Rams Thursday Night Football game to put me to sleep.  Not just because of the boring game, but Phil Simms was doing commentary too!

The ESPN Monday Night Football Saints vs. Bears promo states: “If you don’t like the cold, stay out of the playoffs.”  Check and check.

Speaking of the Bears, who else is enjoying the drama at Halas Hall?  At least Jon Gruden will have more than Jay Cutler and Drew Brees to talk about during them.

How does Mel Tucker, Aaron Kromer and Marc Trestman still have a job?  Moreover, how did they have a job after being down 42 – 0 at halftime of that Packers game?

I know that Marvin Lewis used the politically incorrect term, “midget,” when describing Johnny Football, but it shows you how the rest of the NFL feels about him.

Be honest, did anyone else first laugh at his comments, and then thought “You are going to get killed by the PC Police tomorrow.”

Not like the Bengals would fire Marvin anyways.  He’s never won a playoff game, so there’s no way calling someone a “midget” gets him in trouble.

Anyone else not upset that Jameis Winston wasn’t invited as a finalist for the Heisman this year?

I was going to say how bad is it at Oregon State if Mike Riley bolted to Nebraska, but instead, how bad is it at Wisconsin that Gary Anderson left for Oregon State?

Wait, we still haven’t even gotten to Michigan yet.

I heard that they are waiting for Les Miles and Jim Harbaugh.  If one prefers to coach his team for the Music City Bowl and the other with no shot of the playoffs, I don’t think they are interested.

Gronk elected to pose with cats for ESPN The Mag.  Bill Belichick made fun of him to the team.  One of these two things is the sign of the Apocalypse.

In other shocking news: Adrian Peterson lost his appeal and remains suspended for the year.

More proof that brain injuries are a serious deal in the NFL: Peterson is now saying he wants to quit football and try out for the Olympic track team.

For his court case, Peterson did use my favorite attorney, Rusty Hardin.  Hardin is so slimy, that if you shove him, he will slide 30 feet.

President Obama weighed in on his thoughts on the Ray Rice scandal and the college football playoffs.  I missed it, because I was too busy paying attention to Jerry Jones’s thoughts on foreign policy.

Finally: Ohio State made the playoffs.  Seems like most people had the following thoughts: Good, I can’t wait for them to get hammered by Alabama, Serves the Big 12 right for not having a championship game, or Why does this matter again?

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