RG3 Not Done Yet

Redskins quarterback not progressing at the speed some people would like

by Justin Day | @JDayErrday twitter logo| mail@3PSMag.com

In this day in age where gas stations and fast food restaurants have drive-thru windows and now we have the ability to stream movies instantly off of the internet, we have grown accustomed to instant satisfaction. The problem with that is every walk of life doesn’t grant us that luxury, even though we so badly would like it to.

That is the case with young quarterbacks in the NFL. We are either so quickly to lionize a player before he’s proven worthy, or we call him a bust after a few seasons at the highest level in football. In the curious case of RG3 we did get that sense of instant satisfaction, but it has seemed to go away rather quickly, but I’m not ready to give up on the kid.
There’s no doubting that the kid has regressed, but there’s also no doubting that he is extremely talented when right. His rookie season was something of legends and since then we have seen a decline, but I’m not going to lay that directly at the feet of RG3.
Football is the ultimate team sport, more than any other in North America. While a franchise quarterback is extremely important and valuable, hypothetically they are only on the field half the time, and they do need a certain amount of talent around them to be successful.
When I look at the Washington Redskins I see a defense that is average in terms of the rest of the teams in the league, I see an average running game, and no number one recievers. Granted they have two very good options at receiver; Pierre Garcon & DeSean Jackson, but in my opinion neither of those guys are what you would call a number one receiver.
I also think that as a young, developing young quarterback you need the trust of not only the head coach but the entire coaching staff, and I’m not sure that Robert Griffin has ever been given that blessing. Mike Shanahan liked him his rookie season when he was winning games, and wanted off the ship when he struggled his sophomore season, Jay Gruden sounded like he knew what he wanted to do, but then later on in the season there were rumors that he now wants to build around Colt McCoy of all people.
Robert does come with his own flaws, he isn’t the best at sliding or getting out of harms way, hell he may be the worst I’ve ever seen, but he’s getting better in that area. He’s got a cannon of an arm and a great deep ball, but he hasn’t gotten little timing routes down yet, but he’s been hurt and you gotta be on the field to grow a rapport with your receivers.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the kid is the next Aaron Rodgers, but he’s not Vince Young either. He’s talented and he can still play well, look no further than this past weekend against the Giants. You can win games with Robert, look no further than his rookie season!
The main keys to future and sustained success for RG3 is that he has to have a coaching staff around him that will ride with him and just give him the sense of security that he so desperately needs. The other key is he has to get back to what made him great in the first place. He’s progressed in the pocket but he has to get back to that dangerous dual threat that he was his first season in the league.
If he can get back to those things and get the right staff around him, the sky is the limit for this kid. Patience is something that has seemed to be lost not only in the NFL, but in the world, but patience is what is needed at his moment when it comes to RG3 and all young quarterback in general.

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