Falcons Need Rex Ryan

“Sexy Rexy” and his swagger should be Atlanta’s choice

by Jordan Pensabene | @JPens4Real21 twitter logo| mail@3psmag.com

High expectations for the Atlanta Falcons quickly went out of the window for the Falcons when they started the season losing six of their first eight games and despite all the negativity that occurred this season, they were in the division race until the end because of how pathetic the division was. In the end though they were blown out on their home turf by Carolina signaling the end of Mike Smith’s tenure as head coach. Smith went 66-45 in seven seasons in Atlanta, but was just 1-4 in the playoffs. Smith won the division twice and was coach of the year in 2008. The lack of post season success was the main reason Smith was shown the door, not to mention his game mismanagement.

Atlanta has one of the most high powered offenses in the NFL, but the reason they’ve struggled so much is due to their defense. They were ranked dead last in the NFL in total defense, they gave up almost 400 yards of offense and nearly 30 points a game. It was an pretty ugly year on the defensive side of the ball for Atlanta as they were in the middle of the pack in both sacks and turnovers while they managed to give up 280 yards through the air and 118 on the ground.

This is where Rex Ryan will come in and help this maligned defense. Rex would not have the type of D-Line that he did in New York, but knowing Rex and his ways he can get the most out of any player that’s on his depth chart. Just look at what he did with this Jets defense this year with no one playing cornerback, that defense still managed to finish sixth in the total defense which is nothing short of amazing. He’d get some decent secondary players with Desmond Trufant and even Dwight Lowery, definitely an upgrade over what he had in New York and no question he’d spend his first round selection on a defensive player also.

Rex’s biggest weakness was developing a QB and being capable of helping on the offensive side of the ball. If he goes to Atlanta that won’t be a problem at all, already two dynamic playmakers with Julio Jones and Roddy White along with a QB who’s got great chemistry with them in Matt Ryan Rex will not have to worry about the offense with those guys already in sync. Rex will love the physicality of Stephen Jackson especially since he’s such a great downhill runner. If Jackson can get back to old form the Falcons could be a top 5 offense and defense next year with Ryan at the helm.

Rex Ryan’s time ran out in New York, he’s still a good NFL coach who can improve your team given the talent and just his personality with players. He’s a players coach who any defensive player would love to play with. Plus team owner Arthur Blank is known for trying to make big splash moves and with Rex being the most attractive name on the market you can bet that Mr. Blank will look throw big money at Rex Ryan.

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