NFL Playoff Selection Committee

Throw out the seedings and auto-bye’s, let the humans decide

by Jeffrey C. Lyons | @jeffreyclyons twitter logo |

After watching the Cardinals vs. Panthers game, which should only be shown to prisoners at GITMO, I thought what would the NFL Playoffs look like if they were “selected” like the College Football Playoff.

Most of you know the rules: head-to-head matters, factor in injuries, strength of schedule, etc.  The only thing that wouldn’t factor here is no individual Division (conference) Championship Game (too bad TCU and Baylor doesn’t play in the NFL).

Ranking will be 1 – 6 for each conference with the top 2 teams getting a bye in week 1.


Teams that would be eliminated because they are a dumpster fire: Atlanta, Chicago, Minnesota, New Orleans, New York Giants, Tampa Bay, and Washington.

Teams that would be eliminated because of quarterback injuries: Arizona, Philadelphia and St. Louis.

Teams left: Carolina, Dallas, Detroit, Green Bay, San Francisco and Seattle.


1 – Seattle – Seemed to have found their Super Bowl magic after a loss to the Rams in Week 7.  Went 9 – 1 in the remaining 10 games.  Defense is playing like defending Super Bowl Champions and no one will want to face them and the 12th Man in Seattle.

2 – Dallas – Were 6 – 1 in their last 7 games.  Defense seems to be playing much better and the offense does not need to rely on Romo.

3 – Green Bay – How healthy is Aaron Rodgers?  That seems to be the question going into the playoffs, since there is no way to know, it has to factor into the seeding.  Defense has a ton of holes/issues.

4 – Detroit – Fighting Seattle for the best Defense in football, offense seems to have fallen off the map.  Cannot trust Stafford and that hurts their seeding.

5 – San Francisco – Have a winning record, defense is playing well and no quarterback injury.  Plus, they beat Philadelphia and split their series with Arizona and St. Louis.  After watching the San Diego game, the offense still has a chance to be functional and score points.

6 – Carolina – The last team standing by virtue of injuries.  No team with a losing record should be in the playoffs, but they are a much stronger 6 seed than Arizona, Philadelphia and St. Louis.



Teams that would be eliminated because they are a dumpster fire: Cleveland, Jacksonville, Miami, New York Jets, Oakland and Tennessee.

Teams that would be eliminated because of quarterback injuries: Houston.

Teams left: Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New England, Pittsburgh and San Diego.


1 – New England – It took them 4 weeks, but once they got rolling, they are almost impossible to stop.  Could realistically make an argument for them to be 14 – 2.

2 – Pittsburgh – The winner of what could be argued the toughest division in football and can claim victories over Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Kansas City.  Could be argued to be the best offense and quarterback play in the NFL right now.

3 – Denver – Peyton Manning looks old and the team is becoming more run heavy.  They can beat the middle and lower level competition, but question remains if they can handle the elite teams.

4 – Indianapolis – The offense can score, but that defense is one of the worst in the NFL, especially in the Red Zone.  Beating Cincinnati, Houston (twice) and Baltimore is what puts them ahead of the rest of the field.

5 – Buffalo – Even though they have had quarterback issues, that defense is elite.  Wins over Detroit, New England and Green Bay, plus not allowing Peyton Manning to throw a touchdown pass, help pad their resume above the others.

6 – Kansas City – The best of the remaining teams (Baltimore, Cincinnati and San Diego).  They get the final nod based on beating Buffalo and San Diego (twice), while Baltimore’s best win is versus Pittsburgh (losing twice to Cincinnati) and Cincinnati’s best win is versus Denver (got destroyed by Cleveland, New England and Indianapolis).

While the NFC only saw the Arizona Cardinals lose their right to be in the playoffs, the AFC had a huge shake up.

No matter what, things are pretty safe at the top and the teams we expect to be in the Champion Games and go to the Super Bowl will still hold true, they just may have a different road than originally planned.

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