Hall of Fame Finalists Announced

80% of the vote required to gain entry into Canton

Fifteen men have made the cut, and are now one step closer to earning enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Now that the list has been whittled down, the process is now turned over to the selection committee comprised of 46 people charged with the vital task of continuing to be sure that new enshrinees are the finest the game has produced.

Those who earn 80% of the vote will learn of their fate the Saturday before the Super Bowl at the NFL Honors Awards. To be elected, a finalist must receive at least 80 percent support from the Board, with at least four, but no more than seven, candidates being elected annually. If fewer than four candidates get 80 percent of the vote, then the top four vote-getters will get in that year. If more than seven get 80 percent, then the top seven vote-getters will be inducted.

Finalists include Kevin Greene, Terrell Davis, Charles Haley, Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Marvin Harrison, John Lynch, Tony Dungy, Jimmy Johnson, Morten Andersen, Don Coryell, and Will Shields.

Kurt Warner, Orlando Pace, and Junior Seau are the only first year eligible finalists to advance to the final 15. Warner could be the first quarterback to gain enshrinement into the Hall of Fame since Troy Aikman and Warren Moon went in in 2006.

Ron Wolf, Bill Polian, and former player Mick Tingelhoff are also up for enshrinement as contributors and senior finalists.

It is an absolute crime that Brown and Haley are not already in the Hall, but this may be the year they finally have busts unveiled in Ohio.

Warner, Seau, Haley, Brown are locks, while Davis, Johnson, Pace, and Harrison are on the bubble.

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