OBJ 4 OROY? O Yeah!

Despite missing games early in the season, Beckham quickly became a household name

by Jordan Pensabene | @JPens4Real21 twitter logo | mail@3PSMag.com

I could honestly just throw up Odell Beckham Jr.’s numbers he put up and just end it there, but that’d be just unprofessional of me, instead I’m gonna explain to you just how special this neophyte is.

Giants rookie Odell Beckham Jr. put up some historic numbers that only compare to Randy Moss’s rookie year campaign. Moss amassed over 1300 yards and hauled in 17 touchdowns in 16 games, went on to make the Pro Bowl and win Offensive Rookie of the Year. In just 12 games, Odell put up over 1300 yards and caught 12 touchdowns, yes he did all of that in just 12 games. Beckham was the third receiver taken in this past draft, only Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans were taken ahead of him. Evans played in 15 games and put up over a thousand yards while catching 12 touchdowns, meanwhile Watkins who was the first WR taken in the draft played in all 16 games and didn’t even eclipse a thousand yards and only caught six touchdown passes.

The stats are nice to look at but let’s be real when you watch these three players which one stands out the most? It’s Beckham, far and wide he draws the oppositions best defender and week after week, he just toys with opposing DBs. He makes his teammates better just by his presence on the field, you could see that once he got on the field, Eli Manning and he immediately had chemistry together. He instantly became the Giants’ most dangerous weapon and gave Giants fans hope for the future after another bleak and playoff-less season. If Beckham can stay healthy he and Eli can make a very dangerous tandem for the next few years.

Unless you don’t own a TV, everyone witnessed Beckham’s rise to stardom with that incredible catch vs. Dallas, and just week after week putting up ridiculous numbers. Watching this kid has been a flat out treat and I look forward to watching him grow as a player because we could all be witnessing greatness unfold before our very eyes and we all better appreciate it as well, talents like his in any sport are a rarity.

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