A Dad’s Dream: ESPN Docu-Series

“Everyone’s trying to see if Snoop Dogg’s son can really play football, or if it’s just all hype…”

by Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush | Brandon@3PSMag.com

Hype has surrounded Cordell Broadus since before he knew it. Being the son of a world famous rap star puts you in the limelight from birth, and now people in and out of football wonder if the ESPN produced five part docu-series is more of a puff piece, or if it is a legitimate look into the life of a talented recruit.

“Is this guy getting recruited or is there hype surrounding him because he can actually play or because who he is related to?” says ESPN Recruiting Analyst Tom Luginbill, “in this particular instance, it was both.”

Snoop Dogg built a youth football empire when he wasn’t selling 30,000,000 albums worldwide, and his youngest son Cordell has been a project 12 years in the making.

“I’m at a point in my life where I can relax a little bit and enjoy the fruits of my labor,” says Snoop as episode one opens, “it’s hard for him living in my shadow if he doesn’t create his own lane. Football gives him an opportunity to step out and create a legacy.”

Cordell, a senior wide receiver at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the top ranked receiver in the state of Nevada according to Scout.com and 37th nationally. At 6’3″ Broadus got his dads height, and also inherited his dad’s ability to be a star. A speedy pass catcher with great athleticism seems to have all the tools, but I haven’t seen the drive you expect to see from someone of his caliber.

The first show tells a lot of the back story of the family’s move from southern California to Las Vegas, how Snoop coached Cordell from a tyke, and a peek into the life of a strong family structure supporting a budding player. Sadly though, certain items about the debut episode bugged me. The fact Snoop’s open marijuana use had to be addressed and that Cordell had to state that he doesn’t partake, whether it’s true or not, seemed like a “hey, let’s clear the air about this so the rumors are put to bed.”

The episode seemed to be more about Snoop than Cordell, that too also rubbed me the wrong way. Hopefully in the coming episodes we get to know more about Cordell the kid, instead of Cordell the superstar’s kid.

“People will see a very different side of Snoop,” executive producer Rory Karpf says. “They’ll see a man navigating the line between father and friend. They’ll see someone whose interest in his son’s life reflects what he himself never had. Above all, they’ll see a father extraordinarily proud of his son.”

That said, the show is a fun watch. Bishop Gorman head coach Tony Sanchez, who recently took the head coaching job at UNLV, is a star on the show. His passion for the game as a coach is evident and infectious, and to coach at Bishop Gorman you have to be effective and enigmatic. Gorman flaunts five of the top six players in the state according to Scout rankings, including top rated tight end prospect Alize Jones who recently committed to Notre Dame and Nicco Fertitta, son of UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta.

Personally I’d be stunned if Broadus went anywhere besides USC, but we will see as signing day quickly approaches. On February 4th, the Bishop Gorman Gaels will put at least half a dozen guys on D-1 rosters, and many eyes will be on this show and Cordell when signing day comes.

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