Final SEC Power Rankings

After winning seven straight National Titles, the SEC has missed out on two in a row

by Cody McClure | @SEC_Cody |

The 2014 season is officially over and college football is dead until September. Sad news, but there’s still plenty to talk about. With that in mind, Three Point Stance Magazine has compiled the final SEC power rankings for the year.

  1. Alabama – Still at the top, but not quite as flattering as years past. The rest of the conference is catching up and so has Ohio State, apparently. Nick Saban has work to do in the off-season if he wants to get his program back to the dynastical level it once stood at.
  2. Georgia – The Bulldogs are consistently a top five program in the SEC, yet fans are becoming restless with 10-3 seasons. Maybe they should calm down. Mark Richt’s Dawgs ended the season on a high note and yes, Georgia is capable of winning a championship. The time will come.
  3. Missouri – Often disrespected, but never out of the picture. Speaking of consistency, Mizzou has built it in their short tenure in the SEC with back-to-back eastern division championships and a Citrus Bowl victory.
  4. Mississippi State – In August, many people thought State was ready to take a step forward and those people were right. Stark Vegas experienced their best season of football since Jackie Sherrill’s Bulldogs went 10-2 in 1999.
  5. Arkansas – No team ended the season as hot as the Arkansas Razorbacks. Bret Bielema’s squad rendered back-to-back shutout wins over Ole Miss and LSU and a drubbing of Arkansas-native Charlie Strong’s Texas Longhorns in their bowl game.
  6. Auburn – The brutal schedule eventually caught up with Auburn, but they managed to salvage an 8-5 season. It wasn’t the magical year they experienced in 2013, but it included some solid wins. Gus Malzahn will be tasked with rebuilding a depleted offense next season.
  7. Tennessee – Similar to the Hogs, the Vols found momentum in November. The consensus feeling among college football pundits is that a sleeping giant is beginning to wake up in Knoxville. 2015 could be the rewarding season Vol fans have longed for.
  8. LSU – The Tigers have taken a step back since 2011, due in part to their offensive struggles. They finished the season with a win over Texas A&M and a bowl loss at the hands of Notre Dame. One of these days, they’ve got to find a quarterback.
  9. Texas A&M – It went from national championship contender, to pretty bad team, to alright again for A&M over the course of 2014. They finished strong with a bowl win over West Virginia and return several pieces for a run at the West in 2015.
  10. Ole Miss – Way too low? Nah. Ole Miss got shellacked in the Peach Bowl by TCU and shut out by Arkansas 30-0. The fact of the matter is they lost four of their last six games with one of the wins coming against Presbyterian. Don’t worry. The future is bright.
  11. Florida – Gator fans can finally rejoice as it appears some offense is headed their way. 2014 won’t be a season to remember, but they got rid of the “problem.” And they finished on a positive note, defeating East Carolina in Birmingham.
  12. South Carolina – Without question, the biggest disappointment of the season. Carolina was so bad that they made us think A&M was unbeatable. The defense was non-existent. It has to be improved. The head ball coach will make sure that happens.
  13. Kentucky – The story of momentum lost. Kentucky started the season 5-1, but lost their last six games. There’s still plenty to build on in Lexington. Mark Stoops is recruiting well, and they were better this year than they were last year.
  14. Vanderbilt – As easy as it is to be negative about Vanderbilt, we’ll look at the positive aspect. When Derek Mason got his hands on the defense, they played better. Actually, they almost upset in-state rival Tennessee. Mason still has a huge mountain to climb.

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