App Gives Chance at Cash

Sports bettors have a free opportunity to cash in with their picks in Las Vegas

by Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush |

Living rooms and sports bars across the country are filled with guys who think they know what is going to happen in whatever game they are watching. Any given day you can hear some dude claiming “Duke covers the -7.5 spread, Alabama and Auburn will stay under the total of 54, and I’ve got Texas A&M on the money line +275.”

All of them claiming phantom wins, but never have the proof the “had” any pick on the game.

On the other side of the sports wagering spectrum is the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest, where gamblers from around the country converge on Nevada to prove their worth throughout the National Football League season, in the “Worlds Ultimate Pro Football Handicapping Contest”.  For $1,500 entry fee, contestants select five NFL games against the spread each week until a champion is crowned.

In 2014, the winner of the SuperContest took home $736,575. Not bad for a $1,500 investment.

Until now, these two worlds rarely, if ever, collided. But thanks to a new agreement the Westgate SuperContest has an opportunity for you, regular sports bar Joe Schmo, a FREE chance at a boat load of cash.

Partnering with the SuperContest is the social sports wagering app Gamblino – available currently in the Apple App store, and soon to be available on Android – you can win your way into the SuperContest for free!

Noted gambling industry writer Dave Tuley (@ViewFromVegas) wrote Monday on that the recent growth in the SuperContest has been compared to the boom the World Series of Poker had within the last decade.

Jay Kornegay, Vice President of Race and Sportsbook operations at the Las Vegas Westgate, told Tuley “We’ve been looking a long time at how the World Series of Poker grew, and one of those was through their series of satellite tournaments where people buy in for a small amount to earn their entry fee,” Kornegay said. “Fifteen hundred dollars is still a lot for some people to enter a contest, so this gives them a free and easy way to take a shot.”

After the announcement of the partnership, I spoke with Gamblino founder Frank Wilson about this historic step.

“I approached Jay a little over a year ago,” said Wilson, “we both had similar views of what the SuperContest could grow into and the idea of being able to give access to people outside of Nevada to engage with the SuperContest year round, and really give everybody a shot at making it in.”

“With the logistics of flying to Las Vegas to enter the contest, Fifteen hundred bucks isn’t something that everyone really has in their budget. We are now opening up that dream to everyone in the country.”

Launched in December of 2012, Gamblino has spent a majority of their focus on the technology of real-time line movements, honing in on making the app easy to use for everyone from the seasoned sports bettor to the newbies.

Gamblino 2

There are currently four SuperContest Satellites scheduled starting with the March to the Championship, which entrants will select NCAA Tournament games thru the National Title game on April 6th. Each contestant will start with a $10,000 bankroll and the player with the highest bankroll at the conclusion of the tournament earns a free entry into the SuperContest plus a two night stay at the Las Vegas Westgate SuperContest Weekend in August. Though airfare is not provided, this is a hell of a prize.

Gamblino users will also have three other opportunities to earn SuperContest entries with the Race to the All-Star Break contest (baseball bets April 5th– July 15th), Lord Stanley’s Challenge (hockey bets April 15th thru the end of the Stanley Cup Finals in June) and also the Pro Playoff Shootout (NBA bets April 15th thru the completion of the NBA Finals in June).

“To be associated with an event like the SuperContest, an event that people in the industry are comparing to the World Series of Poker is a big feather in our cap,” said Wilson “Plus the fact that a lot of people who will be playing in the SuperContest will be playing in our contests really legitimizes the work we are doing.”

Even if your entries crash and burn, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the Gamblino app with their monthly Mutli-Sport Mashup contests and privately created pools.

In the Multi-Sport Mashup, you compete with the entire Gamblino user base, selecting games from every major US Sport, until the end of the month where prizes are then awarded. In privately created pools, you can invite anyone to your pool to challenge your friends to really see who the best is when it comes to picking the games.

Download the app today and start playing.

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