Happy New Year

Now what the heck just happened?

by Jeffrey C. Lyons | @Jeffreyclyons | Jeff@3PSMag.com

The opening of a new NFL year is much like Black Monday, once it starts, you just wait for the news and speculation to roll in.  However, this has been the most active and suspenseful opening day of free agency ever.


Before the new season started, we were all surprised to the announcement of Patrick Willis retiring.  Then, NFL New Year started with a bang, followed by thunderous roars.  We all knew about the moves involving Brandon Marshall, Kiko Alonzo, LeSean McCoy and Ndamukong Suh, but here is what happened after 4pm today:

  • Jimmy Graham and Max Unger have new teams
  • Sam Bradford and Nick Foles were exchanged
  • Haloti Ngata was traded to the Lions
  • Frank Gore spurned the Eagles and went to the Colts
  • Jake Locker announced his retirement
  • Torrey Smith joined the 49ers

Finally, the day closed with Darrelle Revis returning to the Jets.

After today, the NFL landscape will never be the same.  Some teams definitely got better, while others only gave us more questions.  Teams that everyone thought would be active were pretty quiet, and the opposite held true for teams that everyone would stand pat.

No real sense can be made out of what has occurred so far, but it has been great to comment and report on.  Simply put, everything that happened is still causing the media’s head to spin.  When the Jimmy Graham and Sam Bradford trades were announced only a few minutes apart, most believed that Twitter would explode.  In less time than a commercial break, two Pro-Bowlers and starting quarterbacks had new teams.

Are all of these teams ready to compete for the playoffs, or even a Super Bowl?  I’m not sure, but I do know that most still have holes in their roster to fill.  The great thing is that the new season for the NFL has just started and if more surprises await, we are all in for a real treat.

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