Draft Geeks Beware

How many mock drafts do we need?

by Jeffrey C. Lyons | @JeffreryCLyons | Jeff@3PSMag.com

In Drafty McPicks’ latest Mock Draft, Version 373.0, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are taking Quarterback Joe Schmo from Little Sisters of the Poor University.  For some reason, the major sports networks and websites think that we, as fans, live and die by every mock draft they produce (I understand the irony in that 3PSMag does a mock draft as well) and hanging on every rumor and trade scenario that may be out there.  But, shouldn’t we be better than that?

To me, multiple mock drafts are produced by pundits to not inform the fan, but to make sure they can claim that at some point in time, they were right.  Think of it like the buddy you know who can’t just fill out one March Madness bracket, but needs 10, so at the end of the day they can brag about predicting the Final Four.  How about instead, these “pundits” produce three mock drafts: after the Super Bowl, after the initial free agency period and the day before the draft?  I know it seems crazy, but let’s see who really knows what they are talking about!

As a fan, you have to realize that there is no way each of these prognosticators knows your team and every guy available in the draft.  Le’Veon Bell appropriately put it, some of these draft experts have “their guys” that they want to push.  Moreover, what seems like a better story: the Bears trading up to draft Marcus Mariota or the Bears drafting Danny Shelton with the 7th pick (for those of you who don’t know, bashing Jay Cutler on ESPN gets huge rating in Chicago)?

Therefore, there is no reason for you to get fired up over who your team is taking in some random “experts” prediction.  Wait until the draft is over to rush to judgment, but most personnel people say you need to give a draft class two years before accurately grading it.  Challenge yourself, read on and watch some clips of the best players that fit your team’s needs, and then you decide who you think your team should draft.  Personally, I am big into getting as many top 100 draft picks as possible, so if my team can trade down, get the guy they want and grab even more picks, I am all for it.

Controversy sells shows and magazines, but actual knowledge allows you to know that you are wasting your time by watching or reading them.  Become that fan, who after your team makes a pick, all your friends text you asking your thoughts and if this player helps your team!

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