Guess What Time It Is?

After a workout in Philly last month, Tebow is back

The world is a better place, Tim Tebow is back in the NFL.

Well, before we start I should start off by saying that when it comes to Tim Tebow, I am inherently bias. That is a fact that I will not try to hide, it is something that I feel very strongly about.

Tim Tebow is an NFL caliber quarterback.

For anyone who has ever written a paper before, I guess you could call that sentence my thesis for this entire article. In essence the other point I will try to get across is why the Eagles signing Tebow is good for both parties.

Since Chip Kelly took over in Philadelphia I have been dreaming of this day. The day that Chip Kelly would take a flier on the player that no one else seems to want, and who is perfect for his system. Arguably, the player that made the spread offense what it is today, Tim Tebow.

Before we get into the present and the situation in Philadelphia, let’s wind the clock back to Tebow’s time in Denver starting in 2010. Tebow was selected with the 25th overall pick and did not see much time on the field during his rookie season in the league.

At the beginning of the 2011 season, he began behind Kyle Orton who was the starting quarterback for the Broncos at the time. After a miserable 1-4 start and fans pleading for the Broncos to bring in the kid, the Broncos did exactly that.

They finished that season 8-8 and that culminated with a 316 yard performance and an overtime touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas to beat the number one overall defense in the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the playoffs.

Tim had a stint with the the New York Jets that was miserable, due to lack of playing time even though the players ahead of him did nothing to keep him down. The Patriots gave Tim a shot in the pre-season in which he shined at times, but ultimately lead to him being released.

Since that time, Tim has been working as an analyst for ESPN’s SEC Network, all the while working with QB coach Tom House. House said he thinks that Tebow is ready and it seems as if so do the Eagles.

Which brings us to the now, and that is, how will Tebow fare in Philadelphia? I do not know the answer to that question, but if I had to bet on it, I’m betting on Tebow. By all accounts this man is the one of the hardest working individuals that anyone has ever seen and if you believe Tom House, he’s a whole new quarterback.

When it comes to the system, I honestly don’t think there is a quarterback better suited, Mariota aside, than Tebow to run Kelly’s system. He has the mobility to make plays outside of the pocket, throws a very good deep ball. and Tom House says he’s improved on the short and mid yardage throws which seemed to plague him with his time in Denver.

The depth chart also doesn’t scare me in terms of Tim making the Eagles roster. I believe even when he first entered the league he was a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez & Matt Barkley, who I actually both like a lot, and when it comes to Sam Bradford, you can bet he will be injured at some point this season.

The strongest part of Tim’s game in my opinion, is his confidence and will to win. No one can deny that magical things happen when Tebow is on the field. Whether that be with his time at Florida or those late game heroics he had with the Broncos, Tebow wins.

This may very well be his late shot to keep his dream alive, and I will be rooting for him as I always have. He will make the most of this shot and football fans should enjoy the show. Tim Tebow is an NFL caliber quarterback, and this may be his last chance to prove that to the world.
Whether you love it, or hate it, Tebow time is back.

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