Guaranteed to happen, or not

by Justin Day | @JDayErrday | mail@3PSMag.com

1. Three Team Trade Allows the Eagles to select Marcus Mariota
In this scenario the Eagles would acquire the 2nd pick from the Tennessee Titans, which they would use to select Marcus Mariota. Then things get a little complex from there. The Browns would be the third team involved, and they would receive Sam Bradford and the Eagles 2017 2nd round pick. The Titans will be the big winners here, they receive running back Ryan Matthews, the Browns’ 12th pick, the Eagles’ 20th pick in the 1st and 2nd round, and the Eagles 2016 1st round pick.
This allows the Eagles to get the guy Chip Kelly has wanted all along to man the quarterback position in his offense, the Browns have two selections in the first round so they can deal one away to get a QB they believe in, in Bradford. The Titans on the other hand are more than one player away from being good, so this allows them to get two first round picks in the next two years, an extra 2nd rounder this year, and Ryan Matthews.
2. Only one Running Back Will Be Taken in the 1st Round
This one is tough, I have 3 running backs that I think are first round players. Between Melvin Gordon, Duke Johnson, and Todd Gurley, it is very hard to believe that only one will be taken in the first 32 picks. When you factor in the teams that need running back; Cowboys, Browns, Ravens, etc., it becomes even harder to believe only one back will be taken in the first round.
With the de-valuing of the running back position in the NFL though, it makes it seem more realistic. Wide Receivers have become more important year in and year out those guys go before running backs, who may have bigger impacts their first year. So whether it be Gurley or Gordon, only one will go in the first round potentially.
3. Most Trades in the Top 10 of Any NFL Draft
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE wants to move back in this draft and acquire selections in the middle rounds. With that being said, I could see 4 to 6 teams in the top ten move back into the teens and acquire more selections in the middle rounds in the process. I have no doubt that not only will this draft have the most trades of any draft in NFL history, but that the top 10 could be chalk full of them as well.
With that being said, the reason is that the skill positions such as receiver and running back appear relatively deep, and a lot of teams in the top 10 will be trading with teams looking to move up to get sports that aren’t so deep, such as offensive line and potentially defensive help as well. So when you factor in the projected depth at the skill positions, this draft lends itself to a lot of trades within the top 10.

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