Draft Night Party

3PSMag.com joins the Jets in NYC for Draft festivities

by Jordan Pensabene | @JPens4Real21 | mail@3PSMag.com


Autographed A.J. Green picture Jordan won at the party.

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of going down to Buffalo Wild Wings in New York City to attend a draft party thrown by uStadium. The party included free wings, beer and certain types of liquors to fans who had a certain pass for it (If you’re wondering, Yes I did get the pass). The event featured raffles for signed memorabilia to all the people who came to the party, yours truly won an autographed picture of AJ Green.

Not only that but current Jets players Demario Davis, Bilal Powell, IK Enemkpali, T.J. Barnes, and Jaiquawn Jarret also attended the event as well; the players sat down and hung out with the entire party watching the first round of the draft, they were very friendly with all of the guests taking pictures, signing autographs, and just sitting there talking to us about who they wanted the Jets to take.

Powell wanted the Jets to take his buddy DeVante Parker ou t of Louisville, while Demario wanted New York to trade up to snag stud pass rusher Dante Fowler Jr. out of Florida. Obviously neither happened, but when the Jets took Leonard Williams out of USC, I saw the group of players do a collective fist pump, they all knew the Jets just drafted the best player in the whole NFL draft.


NY Jets linebacker Demario Davis poses for a picture with 3PSMag.com’s Jordan Pensabene at the NYC draft party.

It was great to meet all the different types of fans there at the party. Obviously it was mainly occupied by Jets and Giants fans but there were Chargers, Patriots, Eagles and Rams fans in attendance as well. Really loved interacting with all the different people getting to know who they wanted to draft and watching their reaction to their team picks. The party went silent when the Jets were on the clock and people who barely knew each other huddled together in silence as if they were waiting on the most important news in their lives.


When the pick went up, there were some scattered boos, but a majority of the place went crazy when they heard the selection of Williams.

Fantastic thing to watch as people began arguing about the pick or hugged the closest person next to them. I made some great friends with a lot of very cool people, most whom I have been following on twitter for some years and it was really great to get to meet them in person and getting to know them all on a personal level.

I look forward to going back to the party next year and I encourage all of you who read this to go as well, it’s well worth the money in my opinion.

Lastly, I’d like to personally thank the great people of uStadium for putting all of this together and Buffalo Wild Wings for their excellent food, drinks as well as their staff and hospitality, it was all top notch and definitely greatly appreciated.

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