The NFL is a Bully

The No Fun League strikes again

by Brandon D. Rush | @BrandonRush |

No organization has done more than the National Football League to exploit cities of billions of dollars for new stadiums, bilk players and fans out of untold fortunes, and has done more to earn the nickname of the “No Fun League” a thousand times over.

Their latest foray into fuckery comes in throwing their weight around to squash the inaugural National Fantasy Football Convention, a three day convention featuring NFL players, media types, and thousands of fans for a fun filled weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The NFL reportedly didn’t necessarily object to the structure of the event, but rather its location. Set to take place inside The Sands Expo and Convention Center, which does not have a gaming license. Connected to The Venetian Hotel and Casino, which was serving as the “host” for the event though NONE of the three days had activities inside the casinos footprint, the mere connection was enough of a stink for the suits in New York City to threaten players, their families, and the NFFC in another overreaction to something very innocent.

Fox Sports reported “A source connected with the National Fantasy Football Convention told FOX Sports that NFL representatives were calling players and even the parents of some players threatening that participants could be suspended.”

The National Football League has wildly and inconsistently swung its iron fists in the sake of “protecting the shield” that it is often misguided and blind to the issue.

Standing behind their own rules stating “players and NFL personnel may not participate in promotional activities or other appearances in connection with events that are held at or sponsored by casinos,” but the weekend after the Mayweather vs Pacquiao debacle, one of the NFFC’s attendees, Rob Gronkowski, hosted a birthday pool party at the Hard Rock’s “Rehab Pool”. Are we supposed to believe Gronk didn’t at least receive an appearance fee? Shenanigans.

Gronk Pool Party

Let us be honest, the real reason the convention was not allowed to take place was that the league was not slated in any way to make money off of the event.

The NFL’s greed is only outdone by their own hypocrisy. NFL sanctioned gambling is evidently ok.


Yes, those are NFL teams associated with state lottery commissions, but because scratch offs aren’t inside a casino, then everything is ok? Oh, that’s right, it’s for the children.

The NFL’s rise in popularity, whether it wants to admit it or not, is largely tied to two things. Gambling and fantasy football. An estimated one billion dollars was legally wagered on NFL games in 2014, with an additional $80-$100 billion illegally, and an estimated 41.5 million people play fantasy football.

Fact is, the NFL is corrupt. It is approaching the NCAA in its ineptitude to fairly interpret and enforce its own rules, and if the United States Justice Department wanted to look into the NFL awarding Super Bowls and it’s strong arming of local and state governments to get stadium deals done, FIFA would greatly appreciate the consistency in enforcement.

In a press release late Friday, the National Fantasy Football Convention has committed to hosting the event in the summer of 2016 in Los Angeles, California.


It’s with incredibly heavy hearts that we announce to you that we will be postponing the National Fantasy Football Convention, as we no longer feel comfortable and confident in delivering on our intent, ambitions and opportunities for fans. This is a direct result of sudden and unexpected opposition taken by the NFL concerning player participation and their perceived association with gambling for an event in Las Vegas.

We could not be more shocked and disappointed by the events of the past few days, and we want to extend our sincerest apologies for any inconveniences, frustrations, and disappointment this will undoubtedly cause. We also want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support and interest in the National Fantasy Football Convention.

But we can promise you this: we are not going awayWe will return in 2016, as we are excited to announce that the inaugural National Fantasy Football Convention will be hosted July of 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
While we regret not being able to bring the inaugural NFFC to Las Vegas, we’re thrilled about the abundance of opportunities that Southern California awards to our attendees, partners, and players.

To our registrants, in the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to you to handle this matter personally, providing each of you with a choice of either a full refund or a significant complementary benefit package for the 2016 Convention, in our appreciation and gratitude for your support.

Thank you once again for your tremendous interest in the NFFC. On behalf of Tony Romo and our entire staff, we’re honored to have undertaken this journey with you, and we can’t wait for you to experience what 2016 has in store.

While I want to believe the NFFC will be able to provide as good as an event 12 months from now, my money says that the NFL holds its own version of the National Fantasy Football Convention next summer, and because they are swinging the biggest stick out there, will also work to out-price, out-promote, or out-litigate any other entity out of business.

The NFL is a billion dollar shell company with a bully as its commissioner. They have the best product in the world, and they know it, and we will continue to consume it to our own detriment.

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