Madden NFL 16 Preview

New tweaks, improved gameplay in this years version

As Summer closes in the next NFL season is around the corner, and with it comes a new version of Madden. The 2016 edition keeps in place the staples of the franchise, but adds a newer fantasy element.

“Fantasy sports and football go hand in hand,” said Seann Graddy, senior producer onMadden 16, in an interview with Polygon. “People just love to draft. They like to get together in a room and pick their team. They think they have more insight about a certain player. We thought about how we could bring the draft experience into Madden.”

Draft Champions offers you a makeshift squad based on your favorite NFL team. You then take part in a series of draft rounds, picking one athlete from three options each time. You’re seeking to fill empty positions on the roster, but also looking out for upgrade options in existing spots. Your draft team can then take the field against either human or AI opponents in tournaments, and you can go back and try more drafts.

As for the gameplay, there are improved pass catching options that will allow receivers to show off a bit and make a more spectacular catch instead of the standard garden variety grab.

We are still two months away from the game coming out, as it will hit store shelves August 25th for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, XBOX One, and XBOX 360. Stay tuned to to find out how you can win a copy of the game, and how you can enter the Three Point Stance Madden NFL 16 Season for cash and prizes!

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