Chop Blocks

Because sometimes you need a few cheap shots in football

by Jeffrey C. Lyons | @JeffreyCLyons |

Simple math:  Fireworks fun.  NFL fun.  Fireworks + NFL = Bad

Can we get a moment of silence for the fingers lost this 4th of July?

JPP can afford a limo, but he can’t find enough cash to pay someone to light his fireworks?

Johnny Manziel got in trouble for throwing a water bottle at a fan during a golf tournament.  Unfortunately, the media didn’t report it took 4 hops to final get there.

Manziel is saying he’s retiring the “money” hand signal as a way to prove he has grown up.  I think Cleveland fans would let him do a striptease if he could complete 50% of his passes.

Ray McDonald, your solitary cell is waiting…

I think McDonald wants to set the record for arrests by an NFL player in one year, or at least, the most restraining orders.

Can we please stop college coaches from taking their shirts off during practices or workouts?  I guess we should all be thankful that Charlie Weis is still unemployed.

Ohio State has 3 legitimate starting quarterbacks on their roster this season.  Talk about selfish… the least they can do is lend one to the Browns.

Does anyone else think that the NFL has stayed silent on HBO’s ‘Ballers” because the show just sucks?

Hard Knocks debuts on August 11th, I heard they are titling this season: “And You Thought the Falcons Were Boring!”

We should track how many minutes JJ Watt isn’t on the screen.  Over/Under is 10 minutes per show.

Hard Knocks should see if the can follow P. Diddy around the UCLA weight room instead.

Signs I Should Quit Drinking: Bengals fans booed Andy Dalton at a charity softball game.  I guess they finally realized that a $116M contract should be worth at least 1 playoff win.

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