Training Camp Road Trip – Cincinnati

Bengals open the 2015 campaign with questions

Fresh off another season not winning a playoff game, the Cincinnati Bengals enter 2015 with a handful of unanswered questions.

At times last year, Cincy looked rather pedestrian, others quite prolific, and no where in between. Andy Dalton got a nine figure contract extension (deserved or not) and now that they come into this year healthy, anything could be on the table.

Notes from Fridays first day:

  • First two plays of 11 vs 11 went to wide receiver Marvin Jones, who missed all of 2014 with a broken foot.
  • The Bengals offense worked with a very fast tempo, and used a lot of quick sets and snaps getting guys like AJ Green or Mohamed Sanu lined up in the backfield at the snap of the ball, creating potential mismatches. Could just be “day one” type stuff, but it could be a peek into what offensive coordinator Hue Jackson meant by “Opening Pandora’s Box”.
  • West Virginia rookie Mario Alford is quick. Many plays during Friday’s 60+ play 11 vs 11 went to the speedster.



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