Jaw Dropping News

Jets Geno Smith gets popped, out 6-10 weeks

by Jordan Pensabene | @JPens4Real21 | Mail@3PSMag.com

It just doesn’t end with the New York Jets.

Early Tuesday afternoon we learned that Jets quarterback Geno Smith had his jaw broken by a teammate, linebacker IK Enemkpali, who has since been released from the team after an altercation that is still yet to be explained to the public. This news is absolutely shocking and disappointing for the Jets who are trying to rid themselves of the “circus” label but it can never seem to completely go away. Everything had been going well for the Jets and Geno who was getting rave reviews out of training camp about his progression and it looked as though he was finally ready to make that next stride towards becoming a solid NFL quarterback.

With this childish act, the Jets are now left with Ryan Fitzpatrick, and rookies Bryce Petty and Jake Heaps. Not really anything to spectacular there, although Fitzpatrick did do well with offensive coordinator Chan Gailey was in Buffalo. The Jets have already made contacts with Rex Grossman and Tyler Thigpen, most likely to be the backup to Fitzpatrick who will now be the starter week 1, barring any more bizarre scenarios. I’d lean towards Grossman but I’m not getting excited over either of those two names.

This whole situation is unacceptable but before we put any blame on anyone we need to find out what exactly happened, there are reports coming out that this was a money dispute we won’t know until later on but this is just inexcusable behavior on both sides.

This is where first year head coach Todd Bowles will have a lot of pressure put on him and try to extinguish this fire and keep the team focused for their first preseason game on Thursday and for the beginning of the season too. He needs to control this situation without making any egregious statements like Rex Ryan did which after watching his press conference after the incident happened I feel more comfortable that he can handle this difficult situation that he’s been put in.

We will just have to wait and see with Bowles and the new regime, but seeing that IK was immediately cut is a good sign for them that they’re not putting up with this sort of nonsense like the way Rex did. Reports say it’ll be closer to 6 weeks that Geno will be back so that puts him at about week 3 of the regular season vs the Eagles to return so hopefully this is just an “isolated incident” as center Nick Mangold said in his press conference after being asked about the fight post practice.

Although with the Jets you never know what is going to happen, we will just have to wait and see.

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