Trifecta Picks Contest

Weekly chance for you to win!

As football season begins you can picks games against our staff to win prizes!

Introducing the Trifecta Picks Contest!

Trifecta Contest Logo

Every week Brandon Rush and Jeff Lyons will each pick three games, if you beat either Brandon or Jeff, you win a free issue of Three Point Stance Magazine plus 1 entry into our end of the year grand prize drawing. Beat us both, earn three entries.

So what is this grand prize? How about $500?! OR MORE!

This years grand prize is a free $250 bet on Super Bowl 50. We will place a free $250 bet of your choice on the big game, whether you want a side, total, or even a prop bet, you decide how you want to roll!

To enter, fill out the form below, or tweet your entry to us at @3PSMag with the hashtag #TrifectaPicksContest. Every week, we select one contestant at random to go head-to-head (to head) with us for prognosticating glory.

- MUST be 21 or older to enter
- One entry per person, per week.
- Lines from
- No Purchase necessary
Grand Prize $250 bet will be placed at MGM Sports Book the weekend of Super Bowl 50 (February 5-7, 2016). The type of wager placed is at the sole discretion of the contest winner. If the $250 bet is to lose, contest winner will receive an alternate prize package or lesser value. If the $250 bet is to win, contest winner will receive the entire amount of the winning ticket.

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