NFL Knee Jerk Tuesday

What are we blowing out of proportion this week?

by Brandon D. Rush | @brandonrush |

Every week in the NFL is do or die, seasons can change on one play, and there is plenty of ammunition for Tuesday morning quarterbacks like me.

  • The Patriots are not cheaters. EVERYONE in the NFL cheats, New England just happens to be be better at it than everyone else. How crazy is it that we can launch missions to Mars, but we can’t figure out wireless headset communications?
  • Green Bay cannot possibly replace Jordy Nelson, but they just continue to reload.
  • Kansas City still hasn’t completed a touchdown pass to a wide receiver since November of 2013.
  • If you get blown out by a Ryan Fitzpatrick led team, you may as well fold up shop and start the #Fail4Cardale campaign.
  • My Super Bowl Champion Prediction Curse continues, Sorry Indianapolis.
  • Maybe we were all a bit antsy in our predictions of Miami’s resurgence. If not for a 4th quarter punt return for a touchdown, the Dolphins could have lost to Washington.
  • Seattle just can’t get short yardage plays right.
  • JUMP ON THE ARIZONA CARDINALS BANDWAGON NOW FOLKS! At least one of my Super Bowl picks held serve in week one.
  • Give Philip Rivers $84 million and he will rally to beat the Lions. Pay no mind that his two interceptions put them in that hole to begin with.
  • Yes Marcus Mariota looks pretty damn good in week one, but let us not forget it was against a team that went 2-14 last year.
  • The Raiders just cant catch a break. So much positive momentum: Drafting Amari Cooper, releasing Trent Richardson… Then Derek Carr leaves the game with a hand injury. Hopefully its just a bruise and there is no structural damage.
  • Peyton Manning is done. DONE. We crushed Gary Kubiak for changing things up, but after one game, it is clear it was out of necessity.
  • Dear Tom Coughlin: I don’t mind the pass play on 3rd and goal, but your biggest blunder was yet to come. RUN. THE. BALL. on 4th & goal. Worst case scenario, you get stopped and Dallas has to go 99 yards in under a minute.
  • Dear Chip Kelly: We all thought you were different, but Monday night, you proved you are a coward just like every other NFL coach. Yes, a field goal would have given you the lead with just over two and a half minutes to play, but your defense was being shredded by Julio Jones, and you decide to give the ball to Ryan freaking Matthews on consecutive plays?
    Your tempo offense had just found a groove, and giving the ball to your best player, and roll the dice on 4th and 1.
  • Just remember that San Francisco looked good in the opener last year too. Plus, I am not entirely sure Jim Tomsula is a long lost Mario Brother.

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