Changing The Culture

New flavor already paying off in Buffalo

by Jordan Pensabene | @JPens4Real21 |

The Rex Ryan Era got off to quite the bang in Week 1 after they picked apart some people’s preseason Super Bowl favorite the Indianapolis Colts at home 27-14. The score does not indicate how much the Bills dominated this game, they had Andrew Luck running for his life and had him making throws that he made when he was a rookie. On offense, Tyrod Taylor looked like a real threat with his arm and legs and “Shady” McCoy looked like…well “Shady”. Overall it was just a very impressive victory for Rex and the new regime at home which was absolutely packed, the fans in Buffalo sure seem to be drinking the “Rex Kool-Aid” but they may want to settle down just a tad.

As good of a win as this was for Rex, the Colts are not as good as people think especially on the offensive and defensive lines, but I will not take away the fact that Rex simply outcoached Chuck Pagano in every aspect of the game. It was just a great game plan he and his staff had and it worked to perfection, I commend Rex for the great job he did preparing for this one.

Now onto the bigger picture here, ever since Rex was hired by the Bills, he has soaked up the city of Buffalo like a sponge; he even got a new truck with the Bills logo on it. He’s become the toast of Buffalo and the fans are loving every second of it. Rex’s time with the Jets had run out and he had used up the “I took us to two AFC Championship games” excuse one to many times a change was needed, I personally think the big stage of New York got to him and he couldn’t handle the pressure of it after missing the playoffs four consecutive seasons and he just had to find another place to coach.

I think Buffalo was a perfect fit for him because it was such a small market and they would absolutely eat up his shtick with the media and the fact that he was a “players coach” and with new owner Terry Pegula wanting to make a splash and try to turn this losing franchise around they were a match made in heaven.

We can already see the swagger of Rex rubbing off on his players and even the fans too who haven’t seen playoff football since 1999, they’re confident that Rex can end that drought this year and take them there this year. It reminds me of Rex’s first year as head coach with the Jets, a top of the league defense, dynamic running game and inexperienced QB under center whose mistakes could be masked by such a dominating defense. He’s said all the right things about how he wants to “retire as Bills coach” and basically being the Rex he was in with the Jets as far as talking to the media. I mean if we’re being honest right now the guy could run for mayor of Buffalo and he’d probably win by a landslide, this guy just knows how to work the media when everything is going right and right now the organization and whole city are eating out of the palm of his hands.

Before we call them Super Bowl contenders or even playoff contenders let’s see what else Rex and his tough bunch of bullies he’s have up their sleeve. Watching Rex for all those seasons with the Jets he has to change some things like his clock management and his focus on just one side of the football, it’s only been a few weeks so it’s way too early to determine whether those things are fixed. I said before how great he was with the media after being successful and winning but he needs to learn how to handle it during rough patches in the season, he’s not in the big New York market anymore so he won’t try and win the back page of the newspapers with his awful quotes and such. He needs to mature, I’m not sure he has but maybe being with a small market team he’ll learn how to grow up.

Rex has all the tools to make the Bills a relevant franchise again and make the fans fall in love with that team, we all saw it when over 70,000 fans packed into Ralph Wilson Stadium for their home opener and it was nice to see for a change, Rex’s bravado and swagger is something this fan base needs and will love especially if they keep on winning like they did last week. It is nice to see Rex back to his old ways, the New York media had gotten to him the past few seasons and you could tell he wasn’t the “same old Rex” that people were accustomed to. It’s been a small sample size but hopefully Rex and his crew can make the Bills a relevant franchise once again.

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