What are we blowing out of proportion this week?

by Brandon D. Rush | @BrandonRush |

After five weeks of the NFL season, we know who is good, who is bad, and who is an absolute mystery.

  • The Indianapolis Colts could start Elizabeth Hasselbeck at quarterback and still win the AFC South.
  • If the Texans give Bill O’Brien time, they will be fine. IF.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs need to fire Andy Reid. All that talent on defense, decent weapons on offense, and now no Jamaal Charles? DUNZO
  • Chicago has a small scale fire sale, and gets better?
  • Seattle is going to be a tough out for anyone in the NFL, but they are their own worst enemy at times.
  • OK Cincy, I’ll stop questioning you. Andy Dalton’s new haircut, new attitude have the Bengals making me believe.
  • Even as a pessimistic Falcons fan, I fully expected Washington to come out with a win. The Falcons are making me believe.
  • Don’t worry Jacksonville, there is always 2016. And ’17. And ’18. Enjoy moving to London.
  • Is New Orleans back to being the Aints?
  • Philly, flip a coin every week so we can figure out who the heck you really are.
  • If not for a Steelers brain cramp a week ago, the Ravens should be winless. You lost to Cleveland. Shut it down.
  • Does anyone want Johnny Manziel, because the Browns look to be OK without him.
  • Buffalo. If they can get their guys healthy……
  • St. Louis didn’t answer the bell. Green Bay is just THAT good.
  • My Super Bowl pick hit a speed bump a week ago, but the Cardinals flexed on Detroit.
  • Don’t worry Lions fans, RedWings season is underway.
  • The Tom Brady Revenge Tour rolls on.
  • Denver’s defense is good enough to survive Tim Tebo……. err, Peyton Manning’s below (his) average play.
  • The Colin Kaepernick Regression Tour rolls on.
  • Pittsburgh learned their lesson. GIVE. LE’VEON. THE. BALL.
  • Miami had a bye week, still feels like they lost another game

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