Chop Blocks

Cutting the Legs Out From Everyone

by Jeffrey C. Lyons | @JeffreyCLyons |

Well, if Chip Kelly keeps coaching this way, I may need to go play the Lottery.  Bigger question is what happens first, Kelly gets fired or a college makes him an offer to walk away?

If Romo doesn’t get hurt, I think Kelly is gone by now.  Once again, the Cowboys find another way to keep the Eagles down.

Tom Brady is playing like someone who got caught cheating, but thinks they can prove to everyone they knew the material on the test anyways.

How does Jay Cutler go from being a wimp in 2010 to gritty in 2015?

Its official, Bengals fans have gotten annoying and need to call me when they win a playoff game.

Fun game: List the active QBs who have more playoff wins than Andy Dalton… Don’t forget Jay Cutler and TJ Yates.

This lack of Roger Goodell in the media is both creepy and boring.

I’m so glad the Federal Government wants to regulate fantasy football websites; nice of them to do it after someone took all our money.

Of course, these are the same people who only allow sports gambling in 4 states.

Are we all now convinced that college football rankings should not come out until the 6th week of the season?

Bigger dumpster fire: PAC-12 or BIG 10?

With Steve Sarkisian, Steve Spurrier, Randy Edsall and Al Golden drama, Charlie Strong actually likes the position he’s in.

Supposedly Sarkisian was coaching drunk during the Arizona State game.  No wonder he kept telling the refs to throw a flag because there’s 15 guys on the field.

Edsall had no idea the Maryland players held a players only meeting a few weeks ago, maybe the elevator music in his headset too loud?

I don’t know about you, but I want Snoop coaching USC and Uncle Luke coaching Miami.  They must play each other every year and battle rap at half.

Every year, Georgia either loses a game they shouldn’t or gets destroyed by the team where a win proves they arrived.  How does Mark Richt still have a job?

Better yet, substitute Georgia with Oklahoma… If Mark Richt and Bob Stoops switched teams, would anyone notice?  Would anyone care?

I would make a joke about Will Grier, but I am afraid he might go all ‘roid rage on me.

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