Randle on his way out of Dallas?

Cowboys running back leaves facility

by Brandon D. Rush | @BrandonRush | Brandon@3PSMag.com

Just days after Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated Darren McFadden would be the starter at running back, Joseph Randle left the Cowboys facility Wednesday skipping out on a treatment session for his injured oblique suffered last week against the Giants.

According to Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Clarence Hill

Randle is expected to return and meet with the Cowboys coaches Thursday.


Per a source, a decision on his status with the team, let alone Sunday’s game, will be made then. His decision to go AWOL and miss a treatment session has frustrated a Cowboys staff that has grown increasingly impatient with Randle’s litany of troubles.

Considering the off the field issues Randle has had in the last year, being arrested twice in four months for charges ranging from shoplifiting, marijanua possession, and domestic violence, plus the added heat the Cowboys are facing with Greg Hardy on the roster, could Dallas be willing to make an example of Randle?

“I just want to be somebody good around the locker room that’s not always mad about this and mad about that, making sure that I’m not a cancer in this locker room,” Randle said just last week when it appeared his playing time could be diminished. “So I’m not going to be the one complaining for carries and all this different stuff like that. That’s not how I’m going to play.”

We will see how this plays out, even with the Cowboys stout offensive line, you cannot build on just McFadden when you are still missing Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. I doubt Randle gets bounced, but this could be the final straw before he is unceremoniously bounced out of Big D.

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