5 Combine Questions I Want Answered

The players we all want to see will be put through a multitude of tests to solidify their draft stock.

by Justin Day – Director of Scouting | @JDayErrday | Mail@3PSMag.com

  1. How will Hackenberg fare?

This one is especially important for me, seeing as I have yet to move Hackenberg from my number one QB spot since the beginning of the season. I do expect Christian to put on a show & move up considerably in the draft, maybe even forcing the Texans and his former college coach Bill O’Brien to take him late in the first round. Hackenberg’s stock hinges on his performance at the combine.

  1. How healthy, if at all, are Jaylon Smith & Myles Jack?

These two names could change the top end of the draft completely if they are indeed healthy heading into the combine. Jack’s health is in little question considering he got hurt earlier in the season and we have seen videos since season’s end of him running around. Smith on the other hand looked to endure a grueling injury in Notre Dame’s bowl game, which leads many to question when and if at all he will be available in the 2016 NFL season. If healthy, Smith is my number one player in this draft. What Todd Gurley did last season, may allow a team to rest easy taking one of these guys where that would be selected if 100% healthy.

  1. How poorly will Noah Spence do in the interviews?

I know that is a loaded question, and that I am already assuming that Spence will do poorly in the interviews but that is the point. He’s going to hurt himself during the one on ones with the teams, that’s a given. No one questions his talent on the field, but it’s the off the field stuff and his attitude that people question. Reports are already out that during the Senior Bowl, though he outperformed everyone on the field, he rubbed teams the wrong way when they sat down with him. Will his interviews take him completely out of the first round?

  1. What will Laquan Treadwell’s 40 time be?

I have Treadwell number two in my wide receiver rankings, but I do think he could fall even further after the combine. This class isn’t loaded with number one receivers and as a matter of fact I think Michael Thomas is potentially the only one. Treadwell is a tad overrated and I do question his ability to get open in the NFL, I’m not sure he will be able to separate. If he runs better than I anticipate, then that maybe won’t be a huge problem, but we will only know after he runs that 40.

  1. Will Miles Killebrew shine?

Safety isn’t loaded in this draft, but it’s not thin in the slightest. One guy I am looking forward to seeing compete in front of some teams for the first time is Southern Utah’s Miles Killebrew. This is one of my guys who I’m labeling early on as a potential steal in this draft. Watching tape he seems to have above average ball skills, he’s got great ball tracking skills, sure tackler, & is in almost every play on the field. I think we could be leaving this combine with many people talking about Miles Killebrew.


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