NFL Combine: Day 2 Observations

Day two of the 2016 NFL Combine shows skill

by Justin DayDirector of Scouting | @JDayErrday |

Saturday at the Combine featured the quarterbacks, wide recievers, and tight ends vying for eyes of the NFL’s decision makers. Who made the grade, and who fell flat?


  1. Jared Goff QB Cal

I have been critical of people having Goff as their number one overall guy at the QB position, only because I like Christian Hackenberg, Carson Wentz, & Connor Cook more. Goff’s performance on Saturday may have me reevaluating his rankings on my board very soon. He showed the quick release that we all knew he had and the accuracy he possess, which you see on tape. What surprised me was his footwork in a bent stance, as if he were coming from under center. He made just about every throw and looked really, really good on Saturday.

  1. Will Fuller WR Notre Dame

We knew he was fast and he cemented that with his 4.32 40 yard dash, but what people questioned were his hands. I never questioned them, but those who did need to go back and watch his combine. He caught just about every ball that was thrown in his general vicinity on Saturday and at times made it look very easy. Fuller showed in the gauntlet drill that he is indeed a natural pass catcher and he has put himself in the conversation as a first round option at the wide receiver position.

  1. Josh Doctson WR TCU

Just about the same thing can be said about Fuller in terms of him being able to catch every ball that came his way during the drills on Saturday. He ran a 4.50 flat 40 yard dash, but is much quicker on the field than he is a straight line runner. He was highly productive as the number one option at TCU and after a performance on Saturday that backs up what you see on the tape, there’s no reason to think he cannot replicate that in the NFL.

  1. Tajae Sharp WR UMass

When I think about natural pass catchers coming out of the combine, Tajae Sharp’s name immediately pops into my head. He made a couple of really good catches on some poorly thrown balls during drills & had two perfect back to back gauntlet drills. He ran a 4.55 40 yard dash time, but it really was his hands and his ability to track the ball that really surprised me. No doubt Sharp made himself some money with his performance on Saturday.


  1. 40 yard dash times

These receivers were slow & I mean SLOW. I get it, not every guy is a burner like a Will Fuller, and some guys use their length and route running to get open but the 40 times were abysmal on Saturday. Plenty times during the drill Mike Mayock would say, “Man I had him pegged faster than that.” Josh Norman even felt the need to tweet about the lack of speed in this draft class.

  1. Cardale Jones QB Ohio St.

Two days in a row injury news came down at the combine, and this time it was Ohio State’s Cardale Jones. Cardale would have probably made my list regardless if he had not pulled his hamstring running the 40. Solely because he Matt Barkley’d himself when he decided to stay at OSU last season after winning the National Championship. Only to see his stock plummet to the bottom half of the draft.

  1. Twitter

Twitter was blowing up during the first group of quarterback workouts and most of it, if not all was centered around my guy Christian Hackenberg. Most people thought he was dreadful, while others posted vines of a couple dimes he threw on Saturday. Long story short: he didn’t bomb the draft & he didn’t kill it either. He was just okay. I am not cooling off of him and I still think he’s got the highest ceiling of any QB in this draft.

  1. Kevin Hogan QB Stanford

I wasn’t sure coming into Saturday if Kevin Hogan would be drafted, now I will be almost certain that he will go down as a UDFA after draft day. Hogan was wildly inconsistent in terms of his mechanics and he was just inconsistent in the drills as well. I would argue that Joel Stave (who barely missed out on my winners list), Cody Kessler, Brandon Doughty, & Josh Woodrum (also had strong consideration as a winner) all had better combines than he did. All of which makes a case that Hogan may have played himself completely out of the draft.

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