NFL Combine: Fourth and Final Day

Defensive backs took to the stage Monday as the Combine wraps up

by Justin DayDirector of Scouting | @JDayErrday |

If you missed any of our NFL Combine coverage from earlier in the week you can read Friday’s recap of the offensive lines and running backs, Saturday’s quarterback, wide receiver, and tight end workouts, or Sunday’s defensive lineman and linebacker showcase.


  1. Jalen Ramsey DB Florida St.

Now I still don’t know whether Ramsey is a safety or a corner at the next level, my money is on him being a safety. After the combine though, he has solidified himself as a top 5 overall pick. I have other corners ahead of him, but he would be number one overall safety if that was his position. He ran a really good time in his 40 (4.41), didn’t show great ball skills, but got the job done. He solidified his stock this weekend.

  1. Eli Apple DB Ohio St.

This is the guy out of all the defensive backs that helped his stock more than anyone else out of the group. To start things off he ran a 4.40 in the 40, which never hurts anyone. Then he went on to look very well in just about every drill they put him through on the field. The main thing I took note of was how smooth and quick his hips were and the ball skills he showed. Eli Apple made himself some money this weekend.

  1. William Jackson III DB Houston

This is another kid who came in and was in that conversation of potentially being a top 5 corner in this draft, and absolutely knocked the ball out of the park. He ran a great 40 time at 4.37 and topped that off with fluidity in his back pedal and in his hips in the on the field drills. His ball skills were also up there with some of the best ones we saw with the DBs this weekend. His stock took one huge jump up!

  1. Miles Killebrew S Southern Utah

I saw some pundits kill this kid for his 40 time (4.65) and to be honest it wasn’t great but for a safety that isn’t a deal breaker. Killebrew lead the class with 22 bench reps, a 38 inch vertical, & a broad jump of 127 inches, I mean this kid killed the combine. He’s more explosive than fast, and that’s exactly what those statistics above tell you. His balls skills were above average and he was more than average in the on the field drills. I think he made some guys fall in love this weekend.


  1. 40 yard dash

Once again the 40 yard dash at times just wasn’t fun to watch. To be fair though, it was better than the wide receiver class, but not by much. We had a lot of 4.50 and higher guys and not too many in the 4.49 and below. The first group did a little better than the second, but in a league that seems to be getting faster and quicker, this class took a step back in both the corner and receiver positions.

  1. Mackensie Alexander DB Clemson

I think Alexander is the best corner in this draft, even though he never registered a pick at Clemson, but the hamstring injury he says he has did not do him any favors this weekend. This corner maybe didn’t run so fast, but they killed it in the on the field drills and Mackensie was nowhere to be found except during the interviews. With guys like Eli Apple & William Jackson III climbing up boards, barring a killer pro day, Alexander may see his stock fall.

  1. Juston Burris DB NC State

Like many of his peers, Burris did not put up a stellar 40 yard dash time clocking in at 4.53 secs, but that wasn’t the major fail this weekend. He was high waisted and very stiff in the drills, having to take extra steps to keep his balance coming out of his back pedal and turning his hips. To top it off there were times where he couldn’t find the ball in the air and if he did he dropped it. I didn’t think Burris was draftable before the combine and I am certain of that reality afterwards.

  1. Darian Thompson S Boise St.

To start things off, Thompson ran incredibly slow at 4.69 secs. but like I said before that isn’t always a deal breaker as a safety. On the other hand though, unlike Killebrew, he did not turn any heads in the strength drills and on the field he looked plain pedestrian. This could very well be a thing where he’s just better in pads than in underwear and I would agree with that. Thompson’s combine probably took him out of the first round altogether though, so that’s why he’s a combine loser.

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