Blueprint to Recovery

How can Denver stop the bleeding?

by Sam Forman|@samwformantwitter logo |

Like we have seen so many times before when a team makes it to the Super Bowl, win or lose, it can be hard for them to hold on to all of their free agents. For the Denver Broncos that is the exact situation they find themselves in.

In free agency so far the Broncos have lost linebacker Danny Trevathan (signed a four-year deal worth $24.5 million with Chicago), quarterback Brock Osweiler (signed a four-year deal worth $72 million with Houston), and Malik Jackson (signed a six-year deal worth $90 million), came very close to losing C.J. Anderson to the Dolphins, but the Broncos matched Miami’s offer sheet. Denver also just lost guard Evan Mathis to Arizona, tackle Ryan Harris to the Steelers, and safety David Bruton to the Redskins.

The only real pickups the Broncos have made so far are a trade with the Eagles to get quarterback Mark Sanchez in exchange for a conditional draft pick in 2017. They also signed tackle Donald Stephenson away from division rival Kansas City. The question now is how can Denver stop the bleeding and start to rebuild a super bowl championship level team?


Get a second or even third quarterback to compete with Sanchez. Right now the only other quarterback on the roster is Trevor Siemian. The second year quarterback from Northwestern has played in one game in the NFL and has one career pass for negative one yards. Clearly he is not the future for Denver at the position and could find his way off the roster very soon.

Colin Kaepernick- It is really starting to look like Kapernick wont wind up in Denver and the Broncos interest in him seems to change daily at times. However, bringing him in would give Denver more than one option at quarterback and would give Kapernick a fresh start.

Ryan Fitzpatrick- Despite a deal still not being done in New York, the Jets would be really stupid to let Fitz leave the Big Apple. Denver has made it clear that they wont pay what he is currently asking. The jury is still out on if Fitz would really be an improvement over Osweiler.

Brian Hoyer- This one may seem petty, but if Houston cuts Hoyer he could be on Denver’s radar. He wouldn’t be the future in Denver, but could once again bridge the gap for a young quarterback.

Paxton Lynch- speaking of a young quarterback that wouldn’t be ready to go right off the bat, enter Lynch. The 6’6, 225-pound prospect out of Memphis should be on the Broncos radar if he falls in the draft. Denver could move up a few spots or what and see if he falls into their laps.

Connor Cook- If Cook is there at the end of the first round Denver should look at him and he might just be the most underrated quarterback in the class.


Ronnie Hillman- The Broncos brought back Anderson and now the question is will they bring back Hillman as well? Maybe it should be “should they bring him back” instead. Personally I like Hillman and think he could be a great weapon for the Broncos, but I wonder if they couldn’t get a better back or bring Hillman back as a third string option.

James Starks- With Green Bay missing on Matt Forte, Starks could wind up back with the Packers, but Denver could use him as well. Just think of what Anderson and Starks might be capable of, plus he knows how to play in cold weather.

Arian Foster- This could be my favorite possibility of all. Just think of Anderson, Foster and Hillman, what a three headed monster that would be. Foster wouldn’t have to carry as big of a load which could help with his injury issues as of late.

Reggie Bush- If they loss Hillman, Bush could be an option to replace him. He has really shown some good things the last few years, but can he play in the cold of the Mile High City.

John Kuhn- This one is simple Gary Kubiak’s system needs a full back and Khun is the best one out there.

Other Offensive Targets

C- Stefen Wisniewski

OG-Louis Vasquez

WR- Rueben Randle

TE- Jared Cook

OT- Jake Long

TE- Vernon Davis

OT- Andre Smith

TE- Owen Daniels

WR- Marques Coltson

Ok that should just about cover every free agent Denver should look at on offense and let’s face it most of the talent they have lost is on the other side of the ball. However, with both Peyton Manning and Osweiler on the field the offense was bad at times and needs to be addressed going forward.

Now let’s look at the other side of the ball and how Denver can replace what they lost in free agency.

First things first, this defense still has plenty of talent on it. Von Miller had the franchise tag placed on him and Denver re-structured DeMarcus Ware’s deal to keep him around, but how do they replace what they lost?


DE- Dwight Freeney- I know both of them aren’t in their prime anymore, but could you imagine one year of Freeney and Ware together?

DT- Nick Fairley

DT- Terrance Knighton

DT- Chris Canty


Brandon Marshall- They need to start things off by bringing back one of the unsung heroes of last years’ team.

LB- Karlos Dansby

OLB- Mike Neal

LB- Courtney Upshaw

LB- Curtis Lofton

LB- DeMeco Ryans

Defensive Backs

Simply put Denver has a good secondary, but is one or two pieces away form having a great secondary.

S- Tony Jefferson

CB- Patrick Robinson

S- Walter Thurmond

CB- Antonio Cromartie

CB- Leon Hall

CB- Brandon Boykin

S- Rashad Johnson





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