Draft Values

As the draft nears, these prospects are getting too much or not enough attention

by Justin Day | @JDayErrday | mail@3PSMag.com


  1. Paxton Lynch QB Memphis


    Is THIS the face of a franchise QB?

Here’s the thing about a list like this, just because someone lands on my overvalued list does not mean that I do not like him as a prospect. It simply means I don’t like where they are positioned to be drafted in comparison to other players at their position and that is why Lynch is on this list. Lynch has a good arm and he’s an option in the run game as well. He doesn’t read the field as well as other guys and he also isn’t the greatest in terms of accuracy and timing with his lower body. He will make a good prospect but a 1st round QB, I’m not sold.

  1. Derrick Henry RB Alabama

Admittedly, this guy’s stock is all over the board considering on whose top 100 list or mock draft you’re looking at, but some are too rich for my taste. He’s a huge kid with a frame that looks like it’s better suited on a linebacker, rather than a running back. My problems come with his play speed and his vision at times. Some lists have him as high as the 2nd back on the board, but I don’t think he’s the best NFL running back prospect on his team.

  1. Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech

I like this guy as a prospect, especially as a nickel at the next level, but I’m not sure there is a player more overvalued than this guy at any position in this draft. Not because he’s not very good but because the guys he’s projected to go well before aren’t that less talented & he isn’t that much better either. Guys like Xavien Howard, Artie Burns, etc. those guys will most likely go after him but may very well make just as big of an impact if not more than Fuller.


  1. Christian Hackenberg QB Penn St.

This is my guy in this draft class and for the life of me I cannot understand how he will fall out of the first round. The things he did as a true freshman under one of the best quarterback coaches in the world were in one word, amazing. His mechanics need work, but you show me a done deal quarterback prospect in this class and I can show you a fraud. In a class full of guys with “potential” he has the most and will make some team a hell of a starter in the near future.

  1. Joe Thuney OL NC State

I’m not sure there is a better guy inside a phone booth in this entire draft than the NC State kid Joe Thuney. He’s his strongest at the point of attack and can be one hell of a weapon in the run game and holds his own in pass protection. I can even envision him playing some right tackle when needed, but his money will be made on the inside. This kid should be in the late 2nd round or early 3rd, any later will be a major steal.

  1. Ronald Blair DE Appalachian St.


    Edge rushers don’t just grow on trees

I’m a major fan of this kid and I think he may just be falling victim to a loaded class at his position. I would take a hard like at him in the middle second if I was a defensive needy team and would not have a problem with him going there but late 3rd is most likely where he will get the call. His speed, strength, and ability to get to the quarterback could make him an immediate impact guy on whichever team selects him.

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