What I Witnessed

Observations, Opinions, and Biased Thoughts

by Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush | Brandon@3PSMag.com

After the first full weekend of football this fall, I recap what I saw this weekend. It’s kinda like the week that was on DVR, complete with a mind dump of dumb stuff I saw.

Thursday, September 8th
The first night of NFL football, not the first night of controversy. The NFL seemed more concerned how the Carolina Panthers handled the concussion protocol than flagging the hits that caused them. Cam Newton took three BRUTAL helmet to helmet hits, not a single flag. Well, there was one, but it was offset by an offensive penalty. There is something wrong with that. Denver’s Darian Stewart and Brandon Marshall were both fined for their hits on Newton.

Friday, September 9th
Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson is the second coming of Vince Young. Dude is a beast, passed for 411 yards, ran for 199 more, and accounted for five touchdowns. Big step up in class this week as the Cardinals host Florida State.

Saturday, September 10th 
Alabama is going to pay for these slow starts eventually. Two games, a combined 13 first quarter points. The following 45 minutes though have not been a struggle, once they get the ball rolling, look out… Clemson is living off reputation and Deshaun Watson… Georgia, enjoy the Independence Bowl… I cannot figure out Arkansas for the life of me… Playing football inside a racetrack was ok, but PLEASE, let’s not make this a thing… Central Michigan gave us the play of the year, never should have happened, but still AMAZING play. Oklahoma State has every right to be upset, but when playing a directional school, it should never come down to one play… Pitt’s James Conner is a star already, if you don’t know his name or story, shame on you… Army, Navy, and Air Force are all 2-0, first time that has happened in 20 years… The Kansas winning streak was snapped, at one… Kentucky hasn’t beaten Florida in Jennifer Lawrence’s lifetime… Colorado has finally turned a corner, not sure yet if it is THE corner, but a corner none the less… DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT CONSTITUTES TARGETING?!?!? The Holy War between BYU and Utah was another classic, even if two of the best players were ejected… Kalen Ballage, eight touchdowns against Texas Tech. That defensive performance was brutal, even for the Red Raiders… Mike Leach, king of the honest press conference…

Sunday, September 11th
That date still means something and the fact that some players chose to take a stance during the anthem on 9/11, tells me that some people are willing to do whats right. Bad news is that until a white player joins in, we won’t really get the conversation Kaepernick wanted to start… Jacksonville is on the verge, I picked them to win the AFC South, and they showed a lot of growth in their loss versus Green Bay… Robert Griffin III is hurt more often than your ex-girlfriend’s feelings… Jameis = Gifted… Cincinnati showed some moxy in a late game spot… Jack Del Rio? MORE LIKE JACK CON HUEVOS, #amirite?!… Kansas City, I was ready to drop you, I bet you to win the Super Bowl. Thank you for undoing the curse of me picking teams… If the Colts had any of the other 31 teams defenses or 28 other offensive lines, they would never lose… Dez still can’t get the benefit of the doubt on a catch, Terrance Williams still hasn’t got out of bounds… The Patriots and Bill Belichick are damned sorcerers…

Monday, September 12th 
The Steelers, when healthy, are damn fun to watch. That defense though, woof… If not for Kevin Harlan’s call of the streaker on the field, the second Monday Night Football game was a snoozefest…

Looking ahead to the next week of games where someone’s season will end, and it will cause a coach to lose his job.

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