What I Witnessed: Volume 3

Observations, Opinions, and Biased Thoughts

by Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush | Brandon@3PSMag.com

It’s kinda like the week that was on DVR, complete with a mind dump of dumb stuff I saw.

Usually by the last week of September, I have a pretty good sense of where everyone stands in the world of football. This year, I am confused as all hell.

Thursday, September 22nd
For the first time all year, Clemson looked every bit the team we expected them to be, just in time to host upstart Louisville. Last time Clemson had this kind of test early in the year, they had help from a hurricane to knock off Notre Dame, I haven’t checked the weather forecasts, but it may take that kind of meteorological influence to stop Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals… Further proof Bill Belichick and the Patriots are damned wizards, a rookie third-string quarterback just hammered a playoff team. How crazy would it be if New England were to go 4-0 without Tom Brady, then lose the first game when he comes back?

Friday, September 23rd
USC is a disaster. They cannot get out of their own way, and they don’t know how to win yet. Clay Helton’s days may be numbered, especially with the other coaching hirings/firings going around… TCU looked like poop early against SMU, before finally waking up and controlling the rest of the way. In the Big XII, teams cannot survive slow starts…

Saturday, September 24th
Stanford is fortunate to still be undefeated, and if you bet Stanford -3, consider yourself fortunate as well… Wisconsin has two VERY solid wins under their belts after beating LSU and Michigan State. Normally that makes a resume look outstanding, but considering LSU fired Les Miles, and Michigan State’s best win was against a Notre Dame squad that is imploding, are those REALLY good wins, or just good timing?… My national champion pick escaped, but is still undefeated. The Washington Huskies have a HUGE test this week as they head to Palo Alto to face Stanford… Arkansas, thanks for participating, here is a ribbon… Georgia, you get a ribbon… Florida, you get a ribbon… LSU proved they are just like Texas A&M and Mizzouri. Over inflated sense of self-worth. 10-2 or 9-3 in the SEC is doing something. You better get a dynamic coach to replace Miles, or you are going to be the next in line to have their Dooley, or Schnellenberger, or RichRod… West Virginia is quietly undefeated… Remember when Notre Dame used to be good?… Two weeks ago I told you that Colorado had turned a corner. I was unsure if it was THE corner, but after a near miss at Michigan (where the Buffaloes lost their starting QB), and a win at Oregon (their second conference win three years) they are back. A bowl game is almost a lock… Arizona State can score in every way imaginable, they can also allow scores in every way possible…

Sunday, September 25th
Arizona made me break out the Tyra Banks WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU.gif, and that hurts my heart… Oakland’s offense hasn’t been as sexy as we all thought… Cleveland gets a fumble recovery in Miami territory in the final minute of a tie game, and miss the subsequent game-winning field goal, so SO SOOOOO Cleveland of them… If Green Bay stays healthy and gets ANY production out of Cobb/Adams/Rodgers/Cook, they are going to be unstoppable… Denver is 3-0, and no one, myself included, believes in them… I tried to tell everyone on the show last week that Minnesota would pull the upset at Carolina, you are welcome… LOOK AT THE FIRST PLACE LOS ANGELES RAMS, still going to be a F%^#*!& 7-9 team… Kansas City forced eight turnovers against the Jets, yet still only scored 24 points, that offense is not yet firing on all cylinders… If you ever need to LOSE a game, take the Colts or Chargers defenses, sure fire way to choke a game away… Carson Wentz is 3-0, not bad for a guy who was the #3 QB 10 days before the opener… Chicago, WOOF. Good news is you have the impending Cubs collapse and Blackhawks season to look forward to… Baltimore is the worst 3-0 team in the NFL…

Monday, September 26th
10 years after THAT night in the Super Dome. Even though that night went against my team, I will always remember that game… New Orleans is the best 0-3 team in the league…

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