What I Witnessed: Volume 4

Observations, Opinions, and Biased Thoughts

by Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush | Brandon@3PSMag.com

It’s kinda like the week that was on DVR, complete with a mind dump of dumb stuff I saw.

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the football season is already a month old, and we have less than two months to go. No need to panic, but just take note.

Thursday, September 29th
Thursday night was blowout central. On the college side, the games would have been more entertaining if we would have had Houston versus Texas Tech, and UCONN playing Kansas (in basketball)… The Dolphins still haven’t figured out how to cover A.J. Green after he demolished the Miami secondary…

Friday, October 30th 
The day before the calendar kicked over to my favorite month of the year, it was time for some statement games, and a hell of a statement was made by my national championship pick Washington. There were some flaws in Stanford’s game so far in 2016, and the Huskies exploited them, in addition to the Cardinal inability to play from behind, it was a recipe for disaster. Even I didn’t see that win coming… I wish I had stayed up for Toledo vs BYU…

Saturday, October 1st
Either Tennessee is a team of destiny, or karma is paying them back for having to put up with Lane Kiffin… Kentucky led Alabama 3-0 early, I am sure Nick Saban took it out on some poor graduate assistant… Michigan did whatever they wanted to against Wisconsin, except score… What the hell happened to Michigan State? Kevin Wilson gets his signature win at Indiana, but is it enough to save his job?… Only Cal can score 40+ and lose, then turn around and score 28 and win… How about the Jaguars from South Alabama, upstart program who never played football prior to 2009 just snapped the nations second longest winning streak when they beat San Diego State… Texas needs to take a hard HARD look at what Georgia and LSU have done, in regards to getting rid of their coach. Mark Richt and Les Miles’ only crimes were not beating Nick Saban. Yes, you are Texas, you are a great historic program with money out the wazoo, but if you are so dumb as to fire Charlie Strong, you get what you deserve… Hey Iowa, hope you enjoy paying that Kirk Ferentz contract thru eternity… The 90s are BACK, Miami, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Washington are all in the Top 25… Air Force is undefeated, big game this weekend at Wyoming… USC got up off of the mat to beat Arizona State, didn’t see that coming… I could watch Clemson and Louisville play again, worst part would be dealing with their fan bases. Someone needs to remind Tigers fans about the rules for rushing the field…

Sunday, October 2nd
I, for one, welcome a team (or two) in London, if only for 9am eastern kickoffs and shorter pregame shows… Andrew Luck should demand a trade… Rex Ryan saves his job, for at least the next four weeks, by winning AT New England… HOW ABOUT THOSE FIRST PLACE LOS ANGELES RAMS… Dak Prescott so far has been ten times the NFL quarterback I had him pegged to be, curious to see what happens when he plays Cincinnati and the Eagles in October… The Steelers may be only team in the league capable of losing a game by 31 points, then turn around and win by 29 the following week… Cam Newton needs to shut it down for a bit, he is getting pounded… Julio Jones 300 yard day was very special, but don’t but into the “Matt Ryan has improved hype”, he is just the new Matthew Stafford. Product of a good coordinators and generational receivers…

Monday, October 3rd
You knew the Giants were screwed when after forcing the Vikings to punt from their own endzone, the promptly proceeded to muff the punt, and never sniff the lead again… Odell Beckham Jr solidified himself as a typical NFL wide receiver, a drama queen prima-donna. Catch the do your job, get open, and not let defensive backs get into your head. Hard to catch the ball when your hands are soaked from wiping your own tears away, crybaby…

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