NFL Films The Timeline Examines The Legacy of Peyton Manning

‘Peyton Manning’s Summer School’ Premieres Wednesday with never before seen footage

The second season of NFL Network’s Emmy-nominated documentary series The Timeline from NFL Films continues Wednesday, October 12 at 8:00 PM ET with Peyton Manning’s Summer School, which features behind-the-scenes footage of Manning’s offseason preparation for his record-breaking 2013 season with the Denver Broncos.

Narrated by Emmy-nominated actor Ed O’Neill, the compilation of authentic moments in this episode captures Manning’s offseason routines and intense work ethic. Peyton Manning’s Summer School includes raw scenes from Manning’s offseason activity such as workouts with brother Eli Manning and then Broncos teammates Wes Welker, Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas. This episode also includes documentation of Peyton’s intense, one-on-one workouts with former college coach David Cutcliffe as well as a meeting between Manning and Tennessee Volunteers head coach Butch Jonesand his coaching staff.

Among the topics discussed in Peyton Manning’s Summer School are:

  • The secret filming process of this documentary in 2013
  • Offseason workouts with brother Eli Manning, teammates and coach David Cutcliffe
  • Building a rapport with teammate Wes Welker in the receiver’s first offseason with the Broncos
  • Manning’s obsession with preparation and detail
  • Manning’s offseason workouts with the Tennessee Volunteers football program
  • The annual Manning Passing Academy summer camp
  • Manning’s record-breaking 2013 regular season
  • Manning’s retirement speech

Provided below are some select quotes from Peyton Manning’s Summer School:

“We’re starting year sixteen. Maybe it’s the circumstances that he’s had to overcome. I see a more intense, focused Peyton Manning than he was as a fourth year and a fifth year player.”David Cutcliffe

“Treating practice like a game; I’m a big believer in that. You get better or you get worse. You don’t stay the same.”Peyton Manning

“To watch film without a pen and paper is an absolute waste of time. If you’re not writing anything down, what you’re seeing, then you’re really not studying. You’re just watching it. [You] probably have the door open so the coach can come by and see that you’re watching film.”Peyton Manning

“It’s the drive to be the best of all time. And that’s what makes Peyton Manning who he is.”Butch Jones

“For me, [the Manning Passing Academy] every year is right before training camp. And whether it’s the college players or the high school players, you’re around guys that love football. And it’s a great reminder for me, right before training camp, of how thankful and lucky you are to still be playing a game.”Peyton Manning

“I’ve thrown like 500 wobbly touchdowns. So… as long as it gets there, that’s all that matters, right?”Peyton Manning

This year, the expanded 10-episode season of The Timeline airs on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM ET on NFL Network, chronicling seminal moments that formed the NFL’s storied past, shape the present and, in some cases, set the stage for the future.

Provided below is a broadcast schedule for the upcoming episodes of The Timeline:

  • 0 and 26 (Wednesday, November 23 at 8:00 PM ET) – The story of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their inspired march to a first win that became as satisfying as any the league has ever seen
  • There’s Only One America’s Team (Wednesday, November 30 at 8:00 PM ET) – In 1978, NFL Films dubbed the Dallas Cowboys as “America’s Team.” Ever since, no team has become more loved, and possibly more hated
  • 1984 Comeback (Wednesday, December 7 at 8:00 PM ET) – An exploration of what 1980’s “cool” really was and how a team – the Miami Dolphins – came to define the style and substance of the league for years to come
  • Lombardi’s Redskins (Wednesday, December 14 at 8:00 PM ET) – The story of Vince Lombardi’s one year of coaching in the nation’s capital
  • The Fog Bowl (Wednesday, December 21 at 8:00 PM ET) – Exploring the 1988 NFC Divisional Round Game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears

Each episode of The Timeline – as well as all NFL Network programming – is streamed live on the NFL Mobile from Verizon app ( and via Watch NFL Network on tablet (NFL Mobile and Watch NFL Network apps), PC (, Xbox One and Xbox 360(NFL on Xbox app) and other connected TV devices (NFL app on Apple TV and Playstation 4).

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