Games played through October 30th


– The top four teams in the poll — unbeatens Alabama, Michigan, Clemson and Washington — all remained 1-4, respectively. No. 5 Louisville and No. 6 Ohio State held their spots with close victories. But four other previously unbeatens in the poll — Nebraska, Baylor, West Virginia and Boise State — all lost for the first time this season. Alabama received 44 of a possible 45 first-place votes, with Michigan picking up one first-place vote.

– Boise State, losing to Wyoming, fell completely out of the poll as did Florida State after a close home loss to Clemson. Oklahoma jumped back into the poll for the first time since early in the season. LSU returned for the first time since the pre-season poll. Nebraska, Baylor and West Virginia all remained in the poll, but dropped in the rankings.

– The SEC led all conferences with five teams, followed by four teams from the Big Ten, three from the Big 12 and two each from the ACC and Pac-12.

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