The Game

by Tom Greene | @tvtom23 |

This, if you haven’t heard yet, is huge. This is a game that Michigan, Ohio State and the Big Ten as a whole has been looking for for 10 years. The Classic Rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State as Two Top-5 Teams.

Michigan has had an unbelievable year. Despite the setback against Iowa, Jim Harbaugh has found another “Diamond in the Rough” QB In Wilton Speight, a man that nobody thought would be starting Game 1 of the season, but Harbaugh had other ideas. Recently, he’s been banged up though. And if he does not start, the man that Harbaugh brought in to originally start this season, John O’Korn, will take his place.

As for Ohio State, JT Barrett starts this game once again. He’s had his share of controversy… getting hurt against Michigan 2 years ago that led to the start of Cardale Jones, who led them to a title, and the arrest for a DUI Last year that costed him one start against Minnesota. Now, he starts fresh anew.

Now, for the game prediction. OSU comes into this game as a 6.5 point favorite at home. I wouldn’t take the points.

Michigan can score, but they’ve had problems doing that in the last couple weeks. OSU Can also score, but also had trouble last week against Michigan State. So, one team will light up the scoreboard (or maybe both), but which one will it be?

I feel it will be Michigan. OSU will be coming into this game confident, but they will be surprised by Jabrill and the Don Brown Defense. MSU proved the defense is susceptible to giving up points. But it’s very, very hard to do.

With No Ezekiel Elliott to worry about, Michigan should be able to stop the run (However, Samuel is also good). With Michael Thomas gone, Michigan should be able to stop the pass (However, JT Barrett can still throw, and Meyer’s receivers can still catch).

The biggest threat that Michigan faces is the QB Option by Barrett. If they can stop that, Michigan can Win.

If OSU Can stop Michigan’s Run and Pass Game, OSU can win.

I predict that OSU will take the lead early and at halftime… but Michigan will make a second half statement that will shock College Football.

Michigan 31
Ohio State 28

Kenny Allen makes a last second FG.

Michigan Advances to the B1G Championship.

Columbus will become hostile for the first time since 2011.

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