Who replaces Jeff Fisher?

The list is lengthy, but will the Rams make the right choice?

by Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush | Brandon@3PSMag.com

Now that the Los Angeles Rams have fired Jeff Fisher, the newly relocated franchise has an opportunity to make a splash and take the franchise in a new direction.

New city, new quarterback, soon to have a new stadium, but based on who they hire we will learn if they are going to be the same old Rams.

To say the Rams franchise is dysfunctional is an adequate statement. Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson bickering with the head coach, a rookie quarterback Jared Goff who wasn’t broken out of the bubble wrap until November, stud running back Todd Gurley proclaiming the offense ran in the blowout loss to Atlanta on Sunday was a “middle school offense”, Fisher getting a contract extension in the midst of a losing streak only to be fired days later.

Sounds like an ideal situation for a new head coach to enter.

So where does L.A. turn now? Do the go after an offensive minded coach to help foster the growth of Goff and Gurley? Do they turn to a veteran coach to be a stabilizing factor during this transition? Do they turn to a hot commodity coordinator to be a first time head coach? Does the interim coach now have a three game audition to keep the job?

I’m willing to bet that either defensive coordinator Gregg Williams (who spent three seasons as head coach of the Buffalo Bills) or Dave McGinnis (who coached the Arizona Cardinals for three years), or special teams coordinator John Fassel will take over on an interim basis, to provide some sort of stability to close out the 2016 schedule. None¬†will garner consideration for the job after Black Monday.

A complete coaching overhaul is likely, and at this point, all cards are on the table.

Jim Harbaugh (Authoritarian), Kyle Shanahan (Offensive guru), Jon Gruden (Hollywood/Desperation Move), Josh McDaniels (Offense/Previous HC experience), Vic Fangio (Defensive guru), Todd Haley (Offense/Previous HC), Teryl Austin (Defensive Guru/Young), Les Miles (Uber Crazy Move), Jim Schwartz (Defense/Previous HC)?

All will be approached about the position, but depending on who the Rams go after will tell you a lot about this franchises plan for the future.

Are the Rams willing to admit they made a mistake in taking Goff at number two? This would lean towards someone with previous head coaching experience who would want to bring in his guys via trades or free agency to make it work.

Are the Rams committed to Goff/Gurley? Offensive Guru to help these two flourish. Still need people to throw the ball to.

Are they more concerned about being ready for 2019 when the new stadium opens? A previous head coach would be the target, don’t put it past LA owner Stan Kronke to pony up the cash to pry Jon Gruden out of the Monday Night Football booth. It would put a lot of eyes on LA going into the new stadium and want to have a team worthy of playing in a $2.6 billion stadium.

Who should get the job? If I worked for the Rams, I’d go after Shanahan but knowing the NFL, a retread is likely. Jim Schwartz or Todd Haley will most likely be the pick.

**UPDATE – 3:40PM** – The Rams announced special teams coordinator John Fassel, son of former Giants head coach Jim Fassel, will take over on an interim basis.

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