Predictions for 2017

Picks sure to fail in the new year

by Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush |

With a new year upon us, its is always fun to think ahead and ponder what 2017 will hold for the world of football.

In 2017…

…Tom Brady and the Patriots will win the AFC East

I know, stop me when you’ve heard this one before. Fact is, until Tom Brady retires, this could be an annual prediction. As to when that day will be when TB12 hangs ’em up, I bet he wants to get out before his body tells him he hast to. He saw Brett Favre’s skills decline until they were a detriment, he saw Peyton Manning battle injuries until he could no longer produce, Brady will not go out like that. Turning 40 in August, the greatest of all time has at least three solid years left in him, but 2017 will not be the final go-round for him.

…Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, or Bob Stoops retire

Not all, but at least one of these three will walk away from the game after the 2017 season. Motivation is a weird thing, for most it drives them to succeed, for others it is a curse. Men of this level of stature and achievement either thrive off of it, or allow it to consume them. All have won national titles but when does the constant drive begin to flame out?

…Hard Knocks will air for the final time

The show has lost a bit of its luster, teams do not want to participate in it, and there are too many other options. Between the Amazon “All or Nothing”, Showtime “A Season With”, and teams own growing social media and web teams, views on the inner workings of the game are becoming increasingly popular, and with better storytelling.

…a recruit will announce his commitment on national signing day without putting on a hat, producing a video, popping out of cake, jumping out of a plane, or developing an app announcing their choice. I just know THIS will be the year.

…the NFL will have its first full-time female assistant coach

…a¬†school will fire its head coach during a game

…a college team will score 100 points in a game

…an NFL team announces they are moving to London

…no Power 5 college teams will go undefeated

…an NFL team will go undefeated

…the Arena Football League will cease operations

…an NFL player openly admits he is gay

…Kentucky beats Florida for the first time in a generation

…Tony Romo leads whatever team he is playing for to the playoffs, and loses in the first round

…a 2017 draft pick holds out, and misses the entire season

…a college football video game returns

If even half of these predictions come true, it’s going to be one hell of a year.

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