The Road Thru Indy: Defensive Backs

Part 6 breaks down the secondary

by Three Point Stance Magazine Scouting Director Justin Day | @Jdayerrday |

If you are late to the party, first off, shame on you. Get caught up here.
Part 1 – Specialists
Part 2 – Offensive Lineman
Part 3 – Interior Defensive Lineman
Part 4 – Edge Rushers
Part 5 – Linebackers
Part 7 – Pass Catchers (Coming Wednesday)

The Known Commodity: Jamal Adams. S – LSU

I honestly think you could make the argument for Jamal Adams being the best player in this draft, bar none. Adams is ultra-competitive, a natural leader, and always seems to play with a keen sense of awareness. Rarely do you see him out of position and is as sure a tackler a defensive back could dream to be. Word is he will compete in every drill in Indy, as one playmaker once said, get your popcorn ready.

The Name You’ll Learn: Quincy Wilson, CB – Florida

Most people know his teammate Teez Tabor very well but as the season progressed Quincy Wilson not only made his claim to be the best corner on his team, but possibly in the entirety of college football. Wilson is a very emotional player, which may be a knock at other positions, on the other hand I like to see that from corners. He’s got the perfect frame and arguably the best hands of any DB in this draft. Some have him as the #1 CB, others see him in the 2nd round, a strong showing in Indy could lead to a consensus 1st round grade.

The Virtual Unknown: Kevin King, CB – Washington

The main reason to keep an eye on Kevin King, his size. Every year we have these larger than life corners and 6 foot 3 Kevin King is another one. His 40 time will be very pivotal in where he is selected, in years past we have all fallen in love with larger corners like Keith McGill or Stanley Jean-Baptiste and neither of those two have become the players I expected. Kevin King scares me because in spite of his size he doesn’t tackle well, looks to strip the ball too often ala Brandon Browner. He does have great hands though, he had a great one handed interception against Arizona State. Kevin King will be looking to turn question marks into check marks in Indy.


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