The Road Thru Indy: Running Backs

Part 8 previews the now revived position

by Three Point Stance Magazine Scouting Director Justin Day | @Jdayerrday |

If you are late to the party, first off, shame on you. Get caught up here.
Part 1 – Specialists
Part 2 – Offensive Lineman
Part 3 – Interior Defensive Lineman
Part 4 – Edge Rushers
Part 5 – Linebackers
Part 6 – Defensive Backs
Part 7 – Pass Catchers
Part 9 – Quarterbacks (Coming Friday)

The Known Commodity: Leonard Fournette, RB – LSU

What else is there to say about LSU’s Leonard Fournette? He’s my #1 overall player in the entire draft and one of the safest picks I can recall in recent drafts. I feel the same way about Fournette as I did about Jameis Winston, Khalil Mack, & Andrew Luck, whom I all had as the top players in their respective draft classes. He’s a can’t miss prospect for many reasons, but most importantly is we’ve seen since his freshman year exactly what he can do. He’s got great vision, speed, balance, power, elusiveness, etc. can catch the ball when asked to but is much better running straight through opposing linebackers. He’s as NFL ready as a college player can be.

The Name You’ll Learn: Corey Clement, RB – Wisconsin

Does anyone remember the upset to kick off the 2016 college season? Wisconsin 16 LSU 14, well I do and the one thing I remember is Corey Clement being one of the best players on that field for the entirety of the game (21 carries, 86 yards, and 1TD). Ever since then I have been entrenched on the Corey Clement bandwagon and I’m not exiting any time soon, and for good reason. He reminds me of Melvin Gordon at times to be honest, they’re very similar in size and play the same brand of running back. He’s not the athlete some of the other backs are but his football sense will make up for that. I think he will climb some boards in Indy.

The Virtual Unknown: Elijah McGuire, RB – UL Lafayette

I’m not sure there’s another running back in this draft that put up the type of numbers that Elijah McGuire put up in college and yet he is a complete unknown to some NFL fans. He was reliable in college only missing one game his junior year and can do it all as a running back. He accumulated 4,301 rushing yards on 710 attempts (6.1 avg), 42 rushing TDs, 1,394 receiving yards, and 10 receiving TDs. He also returned punts in college, this kid can do it all and I think his mix of speed, athleticism, versatility, and hands will put him in 3rd to 4th round contention coming out of Indy.

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