AFL Adopts Rule Changes

Amendments to rules to begin this week

LAS VEGAS (April 4, 2017) – The Arena Football League has officially announced the approved rule amendments for the 2017 season.

The list of changes are as follows:

Illegal Formation on the FB

Currently, there must be space “daylight” between the QB and FB

Rule Amendment: Eliminating the requirement for daylight between FB and QB/OL

  • Must have FB in the backfield and cannot change his alignment in the box EXCEPT for his distance behind the OL/QB.
  • Officials will not penalize FB’s if there is no daylight.

Illegal Forward Pass from the EZ (by intercepting player)

Currently, if a player intercepts a pass or recovers a fumble and then commits an illegal forward pass in the end zone, based on our current rule book language, it results in a safety.

Rule Amendment: Following a turnover, if the defensive player commits an illegal forward pass, it will not be a safety and the intercepting team will retain possession at the 1-yard line.

  • This replicates the NFL ruling on this type of play

Rule Amendment: 2-point conversion

  1. Following a turnover, if the defensive player commits an illegal forward pass, the 2-point conversion will be deemed no good. No additional penalty.
  2. Following the illegal forward pass by the defense, if the ball is intercepted by the opposing team and returned to the end zone, the 2- point attempt will be deemed successful.

Play Clock

Currently, there is a 25 second & 35 second play clock

Rule Amendment: To eliminate the 25/35-play clock and create a universal 30-second play clock

  • There will be one universal 30 second play clock after all plays, time outs and medical stoppages.

Batting on on-side kick out of the field of play

Currently, if a receiving team player bats an onside kick forward out of the field of play, it is penalty, but if he bats it backward, it is not a penalty and the receiving team will retain possession where it went out of the field of play.

Rule Amendment: Eliminate the penalty for batting the onside kick forward out of the field of play

  • If the ball is batted forward out of the field of play, it will return to the spot it was batted. NOTE: If the ball stays in the field of play, the batting penalty will still apply.

About the AFL

The Arena Football League will enter its 30th Anniversary Season in 2017.  Since its inception in 1987, the Arena Football League has showcased a fast-paced and exciting game to millions of fans in a myriad of markets across the country.  Teams slated for 2017 include: Baltimore, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and Washington D.C.  CBS Sports Network nationally broadcasts AFL games each week during the regular season.  ArenaBowl XXX is slated for Saturday, August 26.

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