Gambling on the Draft

While teams bet on the future, you can bet on the picks

byThree Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush |

There is little to no doubt that the popularity of football over the last few decades has been spurred by gambling, whether it be legal or not, and now that love of the game and wagering has taken the next logical step.


The Nevada Gaming Control Board, for the first time ever, is allowing wagers on the NFL Draft. While you won’t be able to retire off these picks due to low limits for each bet, there are some interesting options out there. If you cannot make it to Vegas before Thursday, there are offshore options available if you are so inclined.

Here are just a few of the wagers available online (via, as well as my picks in bold.

Draft Position for 2017 NFL Draft
Leonard Fournette (LSU RB)
Over 4 (-160)
Under 4 (+120)
Anyone not taking Fournette will probably end up regretting it, but I think teams have bigger needs than a running back this early, LF7 will still be on the board after Jacksonville. Over 4.

O.J. Howard (Alabama TE)
Over 8.5 (-225)
Under 8.5 (+165)
Howard has had his biggest games on the biggest stages, but too little tape to justify a top 10 pick. Over 8.5.

Christian McCaffrey (Stanford RB)
Over 8.5 (-150)
Under 8.5 (+110)
After seeing what I saw of him at the Combine in Indianapolis, hard not to take McCaffrey. Too versatile. This number is too close to where he should go, so I am not picking this one.

Mike Williams (Clemson WR)
Over 9.5 (-185)
Under 9.5 (+140)
Dynamic big play guy, doubt he gets past the Chargers at 7. Under 9.5.

Mitchell Trubisky (North Carolina QB)
Over 11.5 (+210)
Under 11.5 (-300)
I am NOT on the Trubisky train. Lot of smoke being thrown around by teams, lot of misinformation being floated out there hoping someone gets desperate enough to take him. I won’t pick this one, but I’ll say this, if you are a General Manager who takes Mitchell with a top 15 pick, you better be right.

Deshaun Watson (Clemson QB)
Over 12.5 (-150)
Under 12.5 (+110)
Dude is a flat out winner, but teams are dumb. He’ll be around for a while, and be a gold mine for a good team picking later Thursday night. Over 12.5.

Corey Davis (Western Michigan WR)
Over 17.5 (-105)
Under 17.5 (-135)
If you haven’t seen Corey Davis, YouTube him. I like this kid a lot, not sure how GMs feel about him. Under 17.5.

John Ross (Washington WR)
Over 18.5 (-120)
Under 18.5 (-120)
If Al Davis were still alive, the Raiders would be trading up to get him. Too many injury concerns for me, Over 18.5.

Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech QB)
Over 22.5 (-135)
Under 22.5 (-105)
This kid has flown up many a draft board in the last few months, if our Justin Day is correct, this is a no brainer. Under 22.5.

Dalvin Cook (Florida State RB)
Over 26.5 (-105)
Under 26.5 (-135)
Production, talent, value. Someone is going to get a hell of a player wherever he goes. Get the feeling though that there will be some draft day shenanigans and rumors that hurt his stock. No pick from me here.

Jabrill Peppers (Michigan LB)
Over 27.5 (-150)
Under 27.5 (+110)
Most overrated player in the first round. Yet someone will take him, and take him high. Under 27.5.

DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame QB)
Over 31.5 (-155)
Under 31.5 (+115)
Hard to know what to believe about Kizer, has moments of awesome followed by moments of WTF? His former head coach at Notre Dame Brian Kelly’s comments didn’t help either. I’d take him on my team, but maybe not in Round 1. Over 31.5.

2017 NFL Draft Props – General Wagers
Number of Alabama Players Selected in Round 1
Over 4.5 (-120)
Under 4.5 (-120)
Under, but barely.

Number of LSU Players Selected in Round 1
Over 2.5 (-115)
Under 2.5 (-125)
Could have 3 in the top 15. Easy Money, Over 2.5.

Number of Players from SEC Conference Selected in Round 1
Over 11.5 (+130)
Under 11.5 (-175)
Close to the number, no pick.

Number of Quarterbacks Selected in Round 1
Over 3.5 (+160)
Under 3.5 (-220)
I think there should only be two, but most likely there will be three, barring trades. Under 3.5.

Number of Running Backs Selected in Round 1
Over 2.5 (-400)
Under 2.5 (+270)
Joe Mixon will be the swing vote here. If a team takes him in the first, this goes over. No pick.

What Conference Will Have More Players Selected in 1st Round
SEC Players -5.5 (-110)
Pac-12 Players +5.5 (-130)
Number seems about right, no pick.

What Conference Will Have More Players Selected in 1st Round
SEC Players -4.5 (-110)
Big 10 Players +4.5 (-130)
Close to this number as well, but I’ll take the Big 10 +4.5.

Will There be More Offensive or Defensive Players Selected in 1st Round
Offensive Players +4.5 (-110)
Defensive Players -4.5 (-130)
Too close to call, no pick.

When Will the First Placekicker be Selected in 2017 NFL Draft
Rounds 1 Thru 3 +270
Rounds 4 Thru 7 -400
No kicker this year is worthy of a top 100 pick. Give me 4-7.

Mr Irrelevant – Last Player Selected (Kicker = Offense / Punter = Defense for this prop)
Offensive Player -105
Defensive Player -105
Only pick this if you bet on the coin flip on the Super Bowl. #TailsNeverFails. Defense here.

So I am down for 15 bets, come Sunday, we will see what teams made the biggest mistakes, and how many idiots like me just threw away profit in the offseason.

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