Is Hard Knocks Dead?

Episode 1 recap

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush

After one episode of HBO’s stellar program Hard Knocks, chronicling the 2017 Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp, it may be a case of the Bucs being pretty boring, or the fact that we’ve seen it all in the shows 12 season run.

Nothing surprises us anymore.

Highlights of Episode One:

  • Jameis is country AF. The tour of his childhood home was interesting look into his past. The fact he drinks where he pees though is disturbing.
  • Gerald McCoy’s twins in the bathtub then getting them into pajamas was pure joy. The fact his son wears a chain that is probably worth more than any jewelry I’ve ever owned is a weird feeling.
  • McCoy showing up to the team hotel in a kimono is all of us heading into the season. We are cozy, but ready for the grind.
  • Every time I see Dirk Koetter, I see a blond/silver haired Larry Fedora. In his sit down with Jameis in his office after the first day and say “we have a good defense now, we got to cut your risk a little bit” made me cringe. Corralling Winston’s game is detrimental. As Koetter said, Jameis is closer to Aaron Rodgers than Tom Brady, but that’s part of what makes Rodgers special. The ability to single handedly win games for you.
  • The Jon Gruden bits of him talking to players in meeting rooms and the practice field felt weird. Gruden probably has carte blanche to wander freely thru the facility, but as a former Super Bowl winning coach roaming the halls of where you once presided seems overbearing.
  • Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson together is going to be special. Jackson’s speed and experience will be game-changing for this offense. Backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick reaction to DJax’s cutback run after a deep sideline pass was as genuine as it gets. That said Fitz has had Jets receivers the last few years so almost anything is an upgrade.
  • Snoop Dogg could end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Hear me out. His youth league in Los Angeles has helped foster a large number of kids out of the roughest environments to division one programs. One of his former players Jeremy McNichols is a rookie running back trying to earn a roster spot. His face time conversation with Snoop was as genuine as a mentors could be. Encouraging, yet honest.
  • Rookie hazing talent show will never not be funny. Doug Martin and Jameis run the show. If nothing else comes out of this season of Hard Knocks, Winstons reaction gifs are going to last. His hand to the chest pause when linebacker Riley Bullough breaks into song was worth the price of admission alone, and his conducting of quarterback Sefo Lufao rendition of Silk’s “If I ever fall in love” was as masterful as his direction of his offense on the field.
  • The Game of Thrones talk at the end just proves that water cooler talk at most jobs is pretty much the same.

Not my favorite season thus far, but it’s only one episode in. We will see what happens when the Bucs hit the field Friday night in Cincinnati and what drama that provides on Tuesday night.

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