NCAA Midterms

Halfway thru the college football season, we look to see who is making the grade

by Brandon Rush | @brandonrush |

Midway thru the 2017 college football season has us thinking Midterms. Those stress inducing exams smack dab in the middle of the semester that mean so much, yet so little at the same time. Ace it, and you are well on your way to earning a solid grade to help that GPA, fail them, and you could be better off just going and getting a job.

Sadly, some teams’ fates are already sealed, but here we will hand out letter grades for all the teams evaluating their season thus far.


Alabama – Duh. At this point in the year, they could afford to sleep in, put on cruise control and just show up in Atlanta in December for graduation.

Penn State – Nice resume thus far, but their biggest tests are coming. Michigan, then back to back roadies to Columbus and East Lansing.

Georgia – Since they broke up with Mark Richt (and focused on football), they have done nothing but be tough. Get past Florida next week and they are destined for a title shot.

TCU – Pair of good in conference wins already, and only one really tough game the rest of the way. Could end up playing for that Big XII title in their own backyard in a matter of weeks.

Miami – Survived against Florida State and Georgia Tech in back to back weeks, but November could be end of Hurricane season. Any Meteorology major knows that.

Lamar Jackson – Increased his completion percentage, yards per pass attempt, yards per rush attempt, all while maintaining a 3:1 touchdown to interception ratio, and carrying an entire University on his back. Double Major.


Wisconsin – Solid wins, but nothing too difficult. Taking remedial classes, you have no choice but to look good.

Ohio State – Close to an A, based on how they have responded to the home loss to Oklahoma in Week 2. Lose to Penn State at home, and they will be close to a C.

Oklahoma – Totally forgot to turn in an assignment against Iowa State, but are still showing up drunk to class and getting by with it. For Now.

North Carolina State – Slept in, missed the syllabus, but rebounded well. Notre Dame and Clemson in back to back weeks will be the difference between getting an A or a C.

Central Florida and South Florida – Great leadership from Charlie Strong and Scott Frost. The Final is 100% of your grade.

Stanford – Make up your mind. Are you good or not? Declare a major.

Kentucky – 5-1? You might be under Academic Review, You must be cheating.

Oklahoma State, USC, Washington, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Washington State, Michigan State, Michigan, Navy, Memphis, Army, Washington, Washington State, and Virginia – You all have missed assignments. That one loss that was a bit unexpected leaves you with some room to improve.


Arizona, Auburn, Texas A&M, LSU, Mississippi State, Utah, Oregon, UCLA, Colorado, Houston, SMU, Syracuse, Duke, West Virginia, Texas Tech, California, Kansas State, Iowa, Purdue, and Minnesota – Hey man, C’s get degrees.

Iowa State – Beat Oklahoma but you lose to Texas? Be better.


Mississippi, Florida, Nebraska, Northwestern, Maryland, Kansas State, Indiana, Texas, Vanderbilt, and Boston College – Still time to turn it around, but you’re gonna need some extra credit down the line if you hope to graduate and be bowl eligible.


Cincinnati, East Carolina, UCONN, Tulsa, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Kansas, Baylor, Rutgers, Illinois, Oregon State, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, BYU, and the rest of Louisville’s roster – Football just isn’t your thing. Hopefully you will withdraw and find a career that suits your skillset.
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