Top 5: 2018 Quarterback Free Agents

Part One of our series ranking the top Free Agents at every position

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush

When the new league year begins on March 14th, these players are the best available at their positions, plus we give our thoughts on if those players should/will re-sign or test the waters elsewhere.



1. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints

In the not so recent history, there was talk that the Brees/Payton marriage would be dissolved and that either or both would move out of NOLA, but with a stellar draft in 2017 the offense is rejuvenated and was one miracle play away from facing Philly in the NFC title game.

I don’t think there is any doubt Brees will re-sign with the Saints, but at 39 years old, New Orleans better have a backup plan if Drew all of a sudden starts playing like his age.

2. Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins
Now that they have pulled off the trade to acquire Alex Smith, Cousins is really the coveted piece a lot of teams need to push them to the next level. Given the contract Jimmy Garoppolo got from San Francisco, the price of an established starter in this league just went up sharply.

No reason to think Kirk stays in D.C., so the market is wide open. Cleveland, Denver, Arizona, Jets, Buffalo, and maybe Minnesota could be landing spots, but it’s doubtful Cousins ends up anywhere that doesn’t play defense.

3-5. Teddy Bridgewater, Case Keenum, Sam Bradford – Minnesota Vikings
Two of the three most likely have to go, and I fully expect Minnesota to have their mind made up within the next few weeks so they can move forward from an injury plagued 14 months and build off the momentum made in 2017.

Teddy was part of head coach Mike Zimmer’s first draft class in 2014, because of that, I am willing to believe the Vikings want to keep him, but will insist on a discount. Keenum played his way into a starting job beyond 2017, and I think that it will be in Minneapolis, but other teams could offer more. Based off his age, contract status, and statistical production Spotrac values Keenum’s market value at 4 years/$84.5 million, I’m not sure Minnesota would offer those kind of numbers, but someone desperate like the Jets or Arizona could easily pony up that kind of cash as NYJ has over $76,000,000 in cap space and Arizona has over twenty three million available. Given Bradford’s injury history I don’t think Minnesota will keep him, but if healthy Sam will be starting somewhere in 2018.

Stay tuned as our look into the Top 5 Free Agent Running Backs comes out Thursday


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