Pigskin Rewind: One Week In

What did we learn after the first round of the NFL Preseason?

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush | Brandon@3PSMag.com

After one week of preseason action, it is easy to jump to conclusions about where certain players, teams, and coaches are, but in reality closing the book after one game is silly and not at all fair. But, why start now? As we run back the DVR on this weeks NFL action, here are my thoughts.

Thursday Night
Saquon Barkley ripping off a 39 yard run on his first carry was pretty awesome, New York HAS to find ways to get the ball into his hands, could have an Ezekiel Elliott type of impact if his offensive line can produce.

Baker Mayfield did Baker Mayfield things. Now lets see it against the 1’s.

Cam Newton confronted Kelvin Benjamin like a man and wanted answers for Benjamin’s comments. First thing Cam has done in a while that actually made me like him.

Matt Nagy is going to be great as the Bears head coach. If not, he will be a prized Offensive Coordinator should his head coaching days end.

Darius Guice out with a torn ACL. The Redskins didn’t really NEED a running back when they selected Guice in the draft, but now that they don’t have him, they better hope the stable of backs that are healthy can produce.

Kansas City like Pat Mahomes, but I am ready for them to take the training wheels off of him.

Andrew Luck is back, looked serviceable. Shaquem Griffin is the real deal.

Friday Night
The Falcons will be a good team in 2018, but as the only team to not score in the first week of the preseason, if their starters go down, they will be drafting early in 2019. Those backups are NOT good.

Sam Darnold looked competent. Need to see it against the 1’s.

Marshawn Lynch seems to have slimmed down a tad, even though he had that monster touchdown run that was called back, Beast Mode might have something left in the tank that he didn’t have in 2018.

Saturday Night
Minnesota is going to be a problem for teams in the NFC this season. Kirk Cousins paired with Diggs, Rudolph, Theilen, and a healthy Dalvin Cook? WITH THAT DEFENSE?!

The Charges youth on defense is going to be a great building block, but will Philip Rivers be around to see it flourish?

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