Fantasy Attack: Fantasy Sleepers STILL Exist

Contrary to belief, you can still get steals

by Lead Fantasy writer Steve Cook | @SteveCook84 |

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As we get closer to the beginning of the regular season, fantasy football draft season is in high gear. We even had National Draft Day earlier this week, which should be an actual holiday. I had two auction drafts in one night, which I don’t recommend unless you dislike sleep. With the preseason wrapping up, a lot of league commissioners that don’t like dealing with the uncertainty those games bring are holding their drafts.
So you need some sleepers. Some will tell you that there’s no such thing as a sleeper anymore due to the litany of information out there. Looking at the ADP (Average Draft Position) rankings tell me otherwise. There are still plenty of guys flying under the radar due to lack of hype or belief. I’ve gathered some of them for your interest.
Peyton Barber (93.7 DRAFT ADP): People had high hopes for Ronald Jones II, who was drafted by Tampa Bay in the second round out of USC. He hasn’t shown much in the preseason and has fallen behind Peyton Barber on the depth chart. Jones’ DRAFT ADP of 90.0 is still higher than Barber’s, but that won’t last long. Especially with Jameis Winston out for the first three games & Ryan Fitzpatrick at  the helm.
Eli Manning (155.1 DRAFT ADP): OK, we all know that Eli’s a bit long in the tooth. He’s approaching the end of his career & the Giants would be well served to think about finding a long term solution one of these years. But take a look at that offense. If you think Odell Beckham’s going to have a remarkable season, Evan Engram’s going to take another step forward, and Saquon Barkley will make an impact in the passing game as well, all of those things are going to bump Eli up the quarterback rankings. Right now he’s the 22nd quarterback in DRAFT’s ADP rankings. Something’s not adding up. Either all of those guys are going to underwhelm, or Eli’s being underrated. I’d take him over everybody between Matt Ryan & Eli in the rankings without much thought.
Keelan Cole (165.6 DRAFT ADP): The absence of Allen Robinson & the season-ending injury to Marquise Lee opens things up in Jacksonville. There’s also the likes of Dede Westbrook & Donte Moncrief, but Cole looks like the Jaguar WR to own. He caught fire towards the end of the season, getting touchdowns against Indianapolis, Seattle, and Houston, then going for 108 yards against San Francisco. The Louisville kid that flew under the radar at Kentucky Wesleyan is doing it again.
Cordarrelle Patterson (209.9 DRAFT ADP): I remember drafting Cordarrelle Patterson as a WR2 a few years back, thinking it was a great idea. It wasn’t. He never got on the same page with Teddy Bridgewater and got buried on the Vikings roster by Stefon Diggs and others. He did well as a returner, but unless your league has points for that it doesn’t really matter. Patterson got sent to the New England Patriots this off-season, and we all know how Bill Belichick maximizes the potential of 99% of the players that enter his system. Tom Brady is especially happy to have him with Julian Edelman out of the picture for the first month. Look for Patterson to finally live up to his WR potential.
Tyler Kroft (214.8 DRAFT ADP) and Tyler Boyd (216.5 DRAFT ADP): You had to know I’d be dropping some Bengals knowledge on you. They’ve got a ton of Tylers for whatever reason, and the likelihood of Eifert missing time due to injury means you gotta keep an eye on his backup, Kroft. He had a solid season by TE standards after Eifert went out in Week 2 last year. Boyd is either the WR2 or WR3 depending on how high you are on John Ross. Ross finally made a big play against Buffalo, which admittedly was one of the cooler ones I’ve seen in a long time.
Pretty cool, right? Boyd can’t do that, but he did start to see more targets towards the end of last season. With Brandon LaFell gone, Boyd will be in the mix some more.

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