NFL Week 1 Overreactions

Knee Jerk Tuesday is in FULL Effect!

by Three Point Stance Magazine Scouting Director Justin Day | @Jdayerrday |

It’s easy to let one weekend of games cloud your judgement, but what you see isn’t always the truth. Here are five overreactions that a lot of people are making today.

  1. The Bears obviously won the Khalil Mack trade!

I can’t tell you how tired I am of hearing this already. Is Khalil Mack a top 10 player in the NFL, without a doubt, who could deny that? But how can you gauge the winners of a trade when the other team hasn’t even received their compensation yet? The Bears have obviously obtained and absolute game changer on the defensive side of the football. But the Raiders could have two top 10-15 picks in the first round over the next two years. Let’s pump the brakes on this take altogether, please.

  1. There’s a QB controversy in Tampa.

The Saints defense made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like a league MVP in week one, but if we’ve all learned one thing throughout the years with Fitzpatrick, it’s that he’s rarely ever consistent. Jameis Winston is the future and present for the Bucs at that position and there isn’t even a debate. I would assume that within the next two weeks Fitz will come back down to earth and Tampa will all breathe a sigh of relief when Jameis gets back from suspension.

  1. Pittsburgh doesn’t need Le’Veon Bell.

These people, I think they’re the same ones on the Fitz bandwagon. Did James Connor have a good week? Yeah, he did, but Pittsburgh was forced because of the weather to spoon feed him the ball for four quarters. He carried the ball 31 times for 135 yards, that’s a 4.3 yards per carry average, that’s simply unsustainable for any running back. Le’Veon is a top 5 running back in this league and people are so quick to forget. In time, people will understand just how ridiculous this hot take is.

  1. The Saints won’t make the playoffs.

The defense didn’t look good, it didn’t even look competent, but don’t count this team out so fast. Last season they started just as poorly week one and even lost in week two. The defense is young, and it added some new pieces in free agency so there will be an adjustment period and maybe this slap in the face was needed to wake this defense up. The offense on the other hand looked phenomenal. Mainly Drew Brees. Every year people questioned how much longer he can play the position and for all the love Rodgers and Brady get, Brees may not get enough. Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, and Tedd Ginn Jr. also looked good. This is a super bowl contending team that will get on track sooner rather than later.

  1. Matthew Stafford isn’t elite

I do think some of the love for Matthew Stafford heading into the season was a little over blown but Stafford is without a doubt a top ten quarterback in this league. Jim Bob Cooter is an awful play caller who shouldn’t have a job and I’m surprised at how poorly Matt Patricia’s defense played in week one. So, I’m not as high on the team around him but Stafford will bounce back from his week one debacle and have another good statistical season. I hope for his sake a new OC is coming for him sooner rather than later.

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