Seal of Approval

Calling dibs on players before draft season starts

by Three Point Stance Magazine Scouting Director Justin Day | @Jdayerrday |

In this business you better be right, but you better be first. Here are five players that I am putting my stamp of approval on before anyone else in the scouting community can. Players that I think will be game changers at the next level, some you know, and some you don’t.


  • Jarrett Stidham QB Auburn – QB1 – 16th overall in my initial top 50


Would Jarrett Stidham have been my QB1 had he been in last year’s draft? Absolutely not. That class will go down as one of the more special crops of quarterback prospects of maybe all time. Stidham though would have been top 5 and I do think he is capable of being a franchise quarterback in the NFL. Like most QBs in college he will have adjustments to make coming out of an offense that primarily works out of the shotgun but he has the anticipation and feel for the game that most of the other QBs do not. His first big test this season will come this weekend against LSU and I think he will show his skills against a defense that has a ton of NFL talent.


  • Anthony Johnson WR Buffalo – WR2- 17th in my initial top 50


Absolute freak, if I had to describe Anthony Johnson in two words, that’s how I would do it. Listed at 6 foot 2 and 207 pounds, he is a cousin of former number one overall pick Jadeveon Clowney. He’s played at two community colleges before arriving at the University of Buffalo and in one season at Buffalo Johnson amassed 1,356 yards and 14 touchdowns on 76 receptions. It’s a two horse race at the top of the wide out rankings for the 2019 NFL Draft between Anthony Johnson and AJ Brown but I believe both will be successful but I’m hitching my wagon to Anthony Johnson.


  • David Montgomery RB Iowa St.- RB2 – 14th in my initial top 50


Maybe the running back position wasn’t as figured out as we thought in the pre-season. My top two running backs haven’t gotten off to blazing starts but I’m not panicking when it comes to David Montgomery. He is a patient runner who can run between the tackles with ease and vision or can get around the corner and upfield in a hurry. Not easily tackled by one player, especially not with an arm tackle, and is violent near the goal line. I think he has better hands at the position than maybe anyone in the draft and I think that can be used more effectively at the next level. His tape reminds me of Le’Veon Bell, not saying that’s who he is, but that’s my very lofty player comp.


  • Devin White LB LSU – LB1- 13th overall in my initial top 50


I wasn’t even going to put Devin White on this list, I thought he was a consensus #1 linebacker in this draft. Come to figure out I am dead wrong in the regard. I have seen this guy as low as outside of some experts top 50 altogether. There’s not another linebacker at the college level that plays with the same level of anticipation and instincts as Devin White. He’s a danger in the run game, diagnoses plays quickly, and can cover in the passing game. He’s a blue-chip prospect, a can’t miss linebacker at the NFL level. Not going to spent too much time on this one, I can’t believe so many are overthinking this kid.


  • Lukas Denis S Boston College – S1- 48th overall in my initial top 50


Lukas Denis is a game changer in the secondary for Boston College and I want to be one of the first on the bandwagon publicly. One of the better ball hawking safeties at the college level that I have ever seen. He’s also not a liability in coverage and can lay the wood when it’s needed. Boston College allowed him to play some man coverage in games against Notre Dame and Louisville last year and he did more than hold his own. I love his instincts and swagger he brings to the game. I’m placing my stamp of approval on this prospect.

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