Fantasy Attack: Week 2 Advice

Avoid the temptation to panic

by Lead Fantasy writer Steve Cook | @SteveCook84 |

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One week in the books. How’s fantasy life treating you?

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you heading into Week 2 of the Fantasy Football season it’s this: Don’t overreact.

It’s really tempting for fantasy players that won big in Week 1 to assume they’re going to do the same thing every single week. I’ve had teams put up the highest total of the league in Week 1, then go on to miss the playoffs. It’s also really tempting for fantasy owners that had dismal opening weeks to panic & make crazy moves based on one week of results. Unless one of your top picks got injured and will be out for weeks to come, don’t go crazy and trade them for nothing. Other owners will be glad to take them off of your hands.

I have to take my own advice this week, as I went 1-4 in Week 1. My picks here weren’t much better…that Roethlisberger over Rivers pick got me in a league, though my opponent had Alvin Kamara, Tyreek Hill and a bunch of other stuff going on, so it didn’t make much of a difference. It’s tough mentally when you have a bad Week 1. After months of buildup, preparation & hope, you’re rewarded with an L in the standings. All you can do is get back on the horse.

Here’s my picks to wow you, disappoint you & surprise you in Week 2. We’ve got it all covered here at the Attack.

Fave Five
Melvin Gordon III
(19.4 DRAFT proj.): We’ve been waiting for Gordon to break out for his whole career. He’s got the potential. This is the time for it right now. A team that’s loaded against a Buffalo Bills team that isn’t? Sounds good to me. Let him out of his cage and watch him pile the bodies to the sky.

JuJu Smith-Schuster (11.80 DRAFT proj: The thing I love most about Smith-Schuster is that he’s on the same team with Antonio Brown. Defenses have to double team Brown at all times to have a chance of containing him, so that gives JSS less to deal with. He’s done well with it so far in his career, and I think he has a big week against a depleted Kansas City defense that let Rivers & the LA Chargers WRs go off on them last week. The Steelers in high-scoring games still takes some getting used to for me.

Christian McCaffrey (13.00 DRAFT proj.): Greg Olsen being out for any amount of time means that Cam Newton has less passing options.  This might mean that Cam will run more. Luckily, Christian can run or catch passes. At some point, Cam will give this guy the ball, and he will do what you expect with it.

Zach Ertz (10.3 DRAFT proj.): Eagles vs. Bucs will be quite the matchup. I think it favors the defending Super Bowl champs, which is great news for Nick Foles’ TE. Ertz will clean up against a Tampa defense that was non-existent in Week 1.

LA Chargers DEF: Sometimes the NFL has a team with such a horrendous offense that you know that any defense going against them is going to have a huge week. Many years recently, it’s been the Cleveland Browns. This season, it’s the Buffalo Bills. The Bills will end up playing against a team with a defense that’s on most waiver wires. I’ll put that team in the sleeper section & write next to it “They’re playing the Bills. You know what to do.” This week it’s the Chargers, who are owned in almost every league already anyway. Even with injury issues they’re still playing against the Bills, so it’ll be ok.

Fearful Four
Travis Kelce (10.3 DRAFT proj.): We’re supposed to believe that Kelce is one of the best TEs in the league. Whether he is or not, we haven’t seen him & Patrick Mahomes on the same page yet. I don’t think it happens this week either, as the Steelers are good against TEs.

Deshaun Watson (19.70 DRAFT proj.: We shouldn’t have been surprised that Watson would look rusty against one of the best teams in the NFL. Expect more of the same this week against the Tennessee Titans, a team that got humiliated against Miami and will be looking to make a statement. Watson will do his thing, but not now.

Amari Cooper (8.50 DRAFT proj.): I see people trying to get me to buy in on Cooper right now, because Jon Gruden magically saw that Cooper got shut down in Week 1 and will make sure he does things in Week 2. We saw this last season. Cooper really isn’t a top WR option in the system he’s in right now. If you’re relying on him as a WR1, you’re in for some bad news.

Kenyan Drake (11.20 DRAFT proj): Drake has two issues this week. For one thing, the Jets allowed the second least rushing yards in Week 1. In fairness, the Lions had three or four running backs, which pretty much means you have zero running backs. The second thing is that the Dolphins want to give Frank Gore room to run, which cuts into Drake’s already limited time. You won’t get RB1 or RB2 numbers out of Drake this week.

Three Sleepers
Austin Ekeler (7.40 DRAFT proj. 35% owned): Eleler is the second-string running back behind Melvin Gordon, which means there’s plenty of room to run this week. I’m a big Gordon guy, but I know he disappears at some points in the regular season, when it’ll be good to have Ekeler on hand.

Quincy Enunwa (9.60 DRAFT proj. 44% owned): Sam Darnold will get the chance to throw to people. When he does, Quincy will be at the top of the list. I’m not even saying it’ll be this week.But it’s coming.

Jonnu Smith (3.80 DRAFT proj., 14% owned): Delanie Walker has been among the most reliable right ends out there for the past few years. He’s never been the best in the game, but he at least gives you something every week. You can’t say that for a lot of TEs. He’s out for the season, and a lot of people are scrambling. The Titans are too, and their answer comes in the form of Smith. The Florida International product was drafted in the third round of the 2017 draft. He received a ton of comparisons to Walker during the draft process, so the Titans figured that sounded good. Can he replicate Walker’s production? Marcus Mariota sure hopes so. Keep an eye on it.

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